My journey back to goal Dukan round 2

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  1. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    My round one journey started in September 2012 I got to goal by Christmas Eve 2012 felt really happy & healthy, gained over Christmas but lost most of that in January, then got struck down by a nasty flu in February which I never really recovered from, I ended up feeling poorly in one way or another till June. The Dr's told me it was IBS but I think it is more an intolerance to gluten, I have a very sever and nasty reaction to gluten if I eat it. I didn't eat properly for 3 months, I lost a bit more weight but once I figured out what I could eat I soon regained the weight then Christmas struck and since then I have been steadily gaining to be back at my starting weight in 2012 :(

    So enough is enough I feel horrible sad hate how big I look, so I am back on Dukan.

    i have just completed my first week with 3 days of attack, I have to say I am a little disappointed with this weeks results. I have lost 4lb which sounds good but I lost more than that and then seem to have gained some of it back while not cheating and now haven't lost for 4 days, I feel so demoralised when I obey the rules but don't lose. Oh well on with week 2 fingers crossed for a better result this week.

    I could really do with some PP days evening meal inspiration though.
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  3. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member


    well done you for getting back on it!!! Sounds like you've been through it health wise...

    It is demoralising when you've followed the rules 100%, my instant gut reaction is to go off the rails, and the more I loose the more focused I stay....I try to do 2 or 3 days attack again but only if I've got the determination! But I'm sure you will be fine just cruising...

    But don't beat yourself up over past results...think of the bigger sound like a pro... The way I think I've done it once, I can do it again..

    I'm making dukan chilli con crane with cauliflower rice tonight if that's any good?

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  4. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Sorry you asked for PP ideas!! Ummm fish with white sauce? I struggle with PP days... Chicken tikka & onions? Ham & babybel omelette?

  5. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    Thanks Andi, I know loads of people use cauli rice but I really really can't abide cauliflower I couldn't even consider eating it which is a shame really.

    I had a sudden idea and dug out my slim rice & noodles which makes a PP much easier. I had some tonight with my tea which although delish really wasn't dukan friendly fat wise but I can tweak it a bit I think, I just hope I haven't done too much damage.
  6. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Is slim rice allowed? Or is is something that works for you? Don't worry about the fat....fresh day tomorrow :) xxx
  7. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    Slim rice e.t.c is another brand of Konica flour based products, almost zero fat carbs & gluten.

    scales this morning showed I had gained my total weekly loss back and with a PV day today it don't think this week will be very successful.
  8. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    I take it you weigh every day Ann? Thanks for the slim rice tip? Do they sell it in Holland & Barrett? Xxx
  9. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    I only weigh every day when it isn't going so well or in the first week so last week was my first week and I lost 2 days in a row then gained (while still in attack) then lost and gained so just keeping an eye on it but once I know it is coming off consistently I only weigh once a week.

    yes they do it in H&B last week it was on the penny sale but next week it is buy one get one half price.
  10. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hiya ann!

    There are lots of great recipe threads around here. I haven't done pp days for a while, but I'm sure I can remember a few things! How about...

    - home made burgers
    - fish / seafood soup
    - paella with slim rice
    - pretty much any pasta dish using slim rice / noodles: I even did a spag bol with quorn and konjac once!
    - smoked salmon with cottage cheese dip
    - omelettes or quiches (make them in silicon moulds)
    - salt and pepper chicken or cola chicken
    - sashimi!

    Ok now I'm getting hungry, so I'd better get some sleep :)

  11. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    Thank you my lovely some great ideas there.

    i really don't seem to be doing too well will update my signature in a mombut nothing lost this week and I have been good.

    each week goes like this
    Monday - PP
    Tuesday - PV
    Wednesday - PP
    Thursday - PV
    Friday - PP
    Saturday - PV
    Sunday - PV

    Although on the week end it may only be one meal that has veg in it. Weekday mornings is either boiled eggs or poached eggs & turkey rashers, pp days is cold meat & cottage cheese for lunch & PV is salad & cold meat last weeks evening meals were
    s- tagine & slim rice
    s - salad & cold roast chick breast
    m - smoked haddock & boiled eggs
    t - stuffed peppers
    w- Mongolian beef & slim rice
    t - crackslaw
    f - Spanish chicken & slim rice
  12. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    how frustrating!!! I take it you've lost before using slim rice? Sorry if I'm asking really stupid obvious questions but have you done the walk & water? Cos your weeks meals look gorgeous & totally dukan friendly....

  13. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    All looks great Ann... these things are sent to try us alas. Hang in there!
  14. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    Thanks Andi not stupid questions, yes have done the water, nearly all the walk (I work in a hotel so have to walk loads anyway!) slim rice I didn't have before but it has no carbs or fat, I have taken a pic of the packet just in case I am missing something?

    Thanks Maintainer I have never had a stall week before but I know I will get over it onwards & downwards.

    having said all of that I have had a bad day food wise today, I ate some gluten last night by accident and although I didn't get the usual bad reaction I have felt shaky and a bit odd today so gave in when I got in from work and ate a banana then stole some Doritos from my son :eek: But I had cottage cheese & ham for my lunch only the cottage cheese was from Asda which I don't normally get and as soon as I tasted it I could taste how sweet it was and OMG it actually has sugar in it, not Dukan friendly and vile to boot so I threw it away Steak and eggs for tea and a new day tomorrow!

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  15. MattR

    MattR Full Member

    Why have I never heard of Slim Rice before!

    Is it good for Cruise phase?
  16. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    It should be Matt is is no carb no fat no sugar as far as I can see
  17. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Slim rice and the noodles are fine for cruise phase (just a bit hard on the pocket as they're ridiculously expensive - slightly cheaper online perhaps). Japanese speciality shops sell konjac noodles which is what I buy over here. They need a good rince before preparing as they smell foul. They have no taste so are totally reliant on you to jazz them up with whatever you have to hand.

    Hope you're ok Ann... x
  18. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Hey love,

    Like you, I have had great success with Dukan before, and when I got back to it this time, was disappointed but the speed of the losses, especially at the beginning.
    Hang in there! I promise it will come off

    Wishing you all the best xoxox
  19. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Yes, I buy my shiritaki / konjac noodles in the Chinese supermarket: less than half the price. And it will totally transform your menus, Matt!
  20. AnnTeak

    AnnTeak Full Member

    Well I have had a very mixed bag over the last couple of weeks, after struggling with feelin poorly still and cravings and feeling sick I lost 1lb which was good but gained it back last week after I had been really good :-(

    i have been very good this week but not sure how long that will last I am currently baking for our McMillan coffee morning & I made the mistake of making a gluten free chocolate mud cake!!!

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