My Journey - Day 63!


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Well, it's my third day on WW FC, so far I've stuck to it 100%, even saving a couple of points on the last two days.

I feel really good, mainly because I'm doing something. It's amazing how eating healthly can make you feel better... I know it's an obvious combination, but it's only just clicked.

I was on and off the plan last year, don't think I stuck to it for a full week at a time, lucky if I stuck to it 4 days out of 7. Considering I lost nearly 60lbs, it shows you how bad my eating was before!

I haven't been watching my weight, and have been eating what I want since mid November. And it's obvious. I've put on 8lbs since then (that's more then 1lb a week!), and my skin is awful. Sure it's my totm, but seriously, the spots I have coming out at the moment are ugly and SO painful! I'm hoping a couple of weeks of eating healthily (and pampering my skin) will sort it all out - I'm trying to drink more water, but really struggling because our water cooler supply has been empty for the last few weeks, and I'm not a fan of the tap water at work at all!

I'm actually taking the Zotrim tablets three times a day. Apparently they take a week to really make a difference, and the first week you only take two before a meal (three times a day), and then after that three before a meal (three times a day). They're herbal, and cause your stomach to 'empty' slower then usual, so you feel full for longer. It's only the third day that I've been on them, and already I feel better for it... Unless it's all in my mind.

Anyway, just wanted to share how positive and happy I'm feeling. I just hope I can keep this up, I'm taking it one day at a time!

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The right attitude is SO important and you've definitely got that :)

I havent heard of Zotrim but will wait to see what you think of them with interest.

Will be joining you with my own diary as soon as Im back on my feet


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Well I only had a small batch of Zotrim, basically to last a couple of days until my order gets here. Unfortunately I've run out today, and my order was only dispatched today!

Anyway, still positive, still sticking to it 100%! Have turned down biscuits, toffees, and sugar canes (from the Christmas tree) today... oh and a meal out!

Starlight, I hope you get back on your feet soon. (Drinking water and orange juice always helps me!).

Thanks for the support ladies! Watch out world! 2007 is the year for our weight loss! :D


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looks like you are doing very well so far, and you are very motivated!

Im doing CD and OH was doing ww without the meetings, he did good until xmas...hehe, he is yet to get back on it!

i was thinking of changing over to ww myself after i lose another stone with cd, so to lose my final stone with ww. the thing is im a bit scared that it will make me put on weight, even if i did stick to my 18 points a day due to the carb thing, (perhaps someone can give me advice on what would happen if i went to ww with a stone to go!)

I will keep reading to see how you are getting on, good luck with your weight loss journey....x

oh and what is zotrim? is that a ww thing? (sorry dont know too much about it as OH had books given to him!)


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Me too!

Hiya Sparkle!

I was on CD (same as Lisee) and lost a stone but for health reasons had to stop.

I am now back to weight watchers on my 3rd day also .... feeling great like you and very positive.

Its amazing just how much you appreciate eating healthy foods when you're deprived of food full stop on the Cambridge Diet lol!!!
At least I know now I have the strength to do WW as I haven't got any excuse after sole sourcing with CD!

Since quiting CD (and eating over xmas!) I've only put on 4lb which, believe it or not I'm really pleased about as I would think this is glycogen stores and undigested food so at a guess I'd say I haven't gained fat yippee!!!

I fully expect to have either gained a lb or not have made any loss when I weigh myself next Tuesday morning but I have heard the 2nd weeks loss is much better after that.

I am doing it with community board support only as I can't afford meetings at the moment so you'll have to help me through any sticky situations I may get into lol!!!

Good luck and give me a shout if you need a buddy! :eek:)



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LISEE - You will initially gain weight I would imagine, however as long as you're eating healthily and not bingeing it would probably only be a couple of pounds initially, and then you would be losing again!

Zotrim isn't a WW thing no, it's a herbal pill that causes the stomach to empty itself more slowly therefore you feel full for longer. There's more information here: Welcome to the Zotrim website

BurtBird - congratulations on your weight loss so far. I hope you're still motivated and doing well.

Well I'm on day 6 now! I don't remember the last time I stuck to a diet for 3 days, let alone nearly a week! Just the rest of today, and tomorrow and it will have been a week! And I get weighed on Monday and will be a lb or so lighter!

I went to the driving range today and hit about 60 golf balls. I'm shattered, and my arms and legs (?) really ache and hurt! But I'm so happy, and proud, and excited!!! :D


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S: 17st9lb C: 17st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi sparkle,

thanks for that information......

have made a decision which is this...

get to my 11st goal with cd and learn to eat.... (bmi will be 24.9!) then go down another stone with WW after i have learned to control portions on the maintenance program so it should be easier, well im hoping it will be!

im not good with portion sizes and thats why i ss as i know having a bit of something just makes we want to stuff myself!.....

first weigh in tomorrow for 5 weeks...

we will all get there no matter which path we choose... good luck to you all...i will come back and check often



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Thank you very much everyone for your support!!!

Lisee... That sounds like a good plan! Good luck, keep popping back in though, I'm sure you'll be able to pick up some fantastic tips and ideas for when you do start WW! Oh, and let us know how you all got on with your weigh in!

Well it's my 7th day today!!!! I weigh myself tomorrow morning! I'm so excited, I can't believe I will have stuck to it for a whole week! I'm so proud, I ROCK!!!

Minimins ROCKS!!! :D


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I'm usually exactly the same as you, and cheat within the first few days! I'm hoping to have lost about 2lbs! I don't want to set my target too high or else I'll just be really dissapointed and it will de-motivate me!

Thanks for your support Marie! :D

Oh, and I've PM'd Barb to ask her to edit my first post in the January Challenge to show that you've joined! I can't wait for that to really get going! :)


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I'll definately keep my fingers crossed for you Marie, I'm sure you're going to do fantastic! :D

Well I've had a horrible horrible day today. I don't know if I've mentioned on this board (I have on another on this site... Think it was the Centurys one) but I'm planning on leaving my job. I currently work as an administrator for a recruitment firm, and I want to work in media production. I've contacted the local tv station etc... But this was something I've only really made a firm decision on at Christmas (end of the year is always a time for me to sit down and really think about what I want).

Well this meant turning down a promotion to Temp Controller at work... That did not go down well. Then I happened to trust the wrong person. New guy at work... did my head in to begin with, but we managed to get it sorted and things seemed to be going okay. He confided in me that he was planning on leaving next year to go to university as he wants to be a doctor... Then I proceeded to confide in him that I'm actively looking for new work.

A couple of comments my manager has made to me since then have made me wonder how much he's been telling her... but I just brushed it under the carpet.

Today I was going through something with the manager, and on her screen was an email. I had literally only glanced up... but I saw my name. Now I know when you see your name on something you should stop reading, you only ever read bad things about yourself... But I discreetly read it anyway.

It was an email, from this new guy telling her that "Between him and her..." I was probably going to be leaving soon, he had seen me looking in the job paper (never mind that I have to cut our adverts out of the paper, never mind that I had noticed a job that my dad might be interested in) so he thought they should consider looking for a new administrator.

Am I expecting too much from people? I must be! I've decided that's it! I'm not going to trust anyone else again... They're all liars and will stab me in the back as soon as I turn around.

And yes I know I'm being over dramatic, and I probably am being unreasonable. I just hate trusting someone, and then being let down.

Sorry, I know it's a complete rant but I just find it so hurtful and annoying.

On the plus side... I didn't comfort eat! :D lol


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I think I'm just going to let it lie. He's so two faced though. After I saw the email, about 10 minutes later he emailed me asking if I want to go for a drink with him sometime after work. So I just said that I'm really busy this week. I saw him pull a face when he read that. And then he emailed me back saying that like everyone else he worries about the branches future, but he also worries about me etc. I just ignored that one.

He either knows that I saw the email (or at least suspects) and is trying to back track a bit or make his excuses... Or he doesn't know and is just trying to get more information out of me to feed back to the manager.

I'm such a bad judge of character!

It's so horrible feeling completly unwelcome at work, where I spend so much of my time.

Thanks for your support though Marie! :)


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Sparkle, so sorry to hear about work! That guy sounds like a right creep, sounds like hes out to do what he can for himself. Its horrible when someone betrays your trust like that. Youre probably right in letting it lie, hes really not worth it!

Well done though on not turning to food when you were stressed, youre doing really well. This is my first day on my diet so will be posting on my diary later.


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Thanks for your kind words ladies.

I have to admit to having a really horrible night. Couldn't sleep because the whole situation was on my mind, and I'm embarrased to say that when I finally did get to sleep it was because I had cried myself to sleep!

I did get up and get myself a mug of warm milk and a Rich Tea Biscuit (I was very hungry, in my defence it was the small hours of the morning so had been a while since I had eaten). However at no stage did I binge, or go over my points. That's something I'm very proud of, because I am a comfort eater. But I just worked my way through my emotions, and although I feel like hell today due to lack of sleep - I'm getting there! :)

So although the situation is horrible at the moment, I don't like it at work and don't feel I can trust anyone other then my parents and maybe one or two friends (outside of work!!), I'm focusing on the positive! I went through a hell of a time emotionally, desperately needed some comfort but I did not turn to food! In fact it didn't even cross my mind.

So day 9 today! Lets hope overall it's better then yesterday, but food wise I'm not worried!!! :D


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Thanks Marie... It really helps just being able to get it all out. And I know I keep harping on about it, but I'm so proud that I'm not comfort eating! Although having said that, I think that's why I'm not sleeping.

Before, I'd eat, and it would 'fill the void'. Now I'm not eating, so I'm having to deal with the issues, which are all I can think about when I'm in bed, and it's quiet, and I have nothing to take my mind off of it. That may be a load of rubbish, but that's what I'm thinking anyway.

So... day 10 today!! Woohoo!! WW Rocks! MiniMins Rocks! I Rock! I really am extremely proud of myself, and motivated because of it! :D It's going really well, so thank you to everyone who's supported me and offered advice. I really appreciate it, and only hope I can return the favour well enough! :D