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My journey into management

Just wanted to share a silly moment with you all.
My 100 days on foundation are up today, what a great feeling...
I am now on day 4 of management the first few days were a little sureal !! as i was at work for most of the time.

My husband has been waiting so patiently for us to sit down together and eat a meal since i joined LL, so Last night we did just that !!!
(let me set the scene) ;)
With lights down low, we sat at the table he lit the candles, his beer in his hand and me with me fizzy water !!! he had (won't mention what he had!! lets just say it wasn't out of any healthy cook book, but it was something that he had been waiting patiently to have when we had our first meal together,) i had a green salad with mackerel and made up a dressing with the balsamic vinegar and fat free vinegertte we sat and stared into each others eyes, both tucking into to our beautifully prepared meals, he was Congratulating me on how well i had done and what i had achieved ~ when the door went and in walked our best friends and their huge dog (Doberman called Zeuz) he took one look at my husbands dinner plate and dived in for the steak (oops sorry) before we could do anything:eek: he had swallowed it whole !!! went out into the garden layed down and licked his lips !!!!
My husbands face was a picture :cry: poor chap, his long awaited meal that he had prepared (so that i wouldn't have it) had just been swallowed whole by a DOG!!! well you can imagine our friends re-action !!! they apologised so much that they offered to go out and buy him another one right there and then !!
Well, after the initial shock of seeing my husbands lovely fillet steak being gobbled up by our friends dog we all fell about laughing.

So i don't think i am going to forget my very first sit down meal in management with my husband for a very long time.
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:rotflmao: LMAO ......

That is just the sort of thing my dog would do. After he has sniffed everyone's crotches.
My cat once came through the cat flap dragging a hot steak, not sure where he got it from!

I shall be reading your management thoughts closely, Chuckie. I wasn't very impressed with my first development group, many of the others were very negative and all they talked about was how much they had got away with eating that week! it was a bit depressing, really.


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Chuckie that's brilliant - poor hubby and lucky dog :)

Ha ha, that had be on the floor. How romantic but Chuckie at least the dog didn't eat yours!! He was obviously going for a fat day and not green!

Please let us know how you are getting on!!

Hope you have now recovered from your reaction at least it's not the pox.

Love ya xx

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