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My Journey so far - Why is it taking so long?? (long post)

I found Minimins on the 4th Nov 2008 when I was looking for info in LT.. I then started LT on the 6th Nov 2008 at 12st 12lbs..

Its 10 months down the line and I'm 35lbs lighter..

I have just been reading my old threads and here is my journey so far (I didnt record all of my losses from the start but this is what I have pieced together from my post on Minimins)

Start LT = 12st 12lbs
Week 1 = -6lbs
Week 2 = -4lbs
Week 3 = -3lbs
Week 4 = -4lbs
Week 5 = -3lbs = 11st 6lbs

I then had a break for christmas and messed around trying to re-start for a while.

I found a thread saying that I was moving to CD and my start weight was 11st 7lbs on the 2nd March 2009 - and my 1st WI on CD on the 8th March I'd lost 5lbs making my weight 11st 2lbs.

I found a new CDC and re-started Cambridge on the 16th Apr 2009 at 11st 2lbs - Here are my losses since then:-

24/04 - 10st 12lbs = -4lbs
01/05 - 10st 10lbs = -2lbs
07/05 - 10st 10lbs = STS
14/05 - 10st 9lbs = -1lbs
21/05 - 10st 7lbs = -2lbs
29/05 - 10st 4lbs = -3lbs
05/06 - 10st 4lbs = STS
10/07 - 11st 0lbs = +10lbs (Holidays)
22/07 - 10st 7lbs = - 7lbs
31/07 - 10st 6lbs = -1lbs
31/08 - 10st 5lbs = -1lbs
08/09 - 10st 5lbs = STS 100Kcal plan

I have had days off the diet here and there but the longest I have had off the diet is 2 weeks max (for xmas and holidays)...

I have been doing 1000kcal plan for 2 weeks to boost my metabolism and I'm going back on SS next week.

My CDC has been gr8 and given me really good advise thats helped me stick with it and not give up!

I really hope that me losses will increase and that it doesn't take 2 long to lose the last 19lbs.

So thats my story so far - It has taken a long time but there is light at the end of the tunnel I suppose.

Has anyone else taken so long to lose weight on CD?

Also if your like to post your Journey/Story here I would love to read how CD has been for everyone else.

Thanks for reading - I know its a long post :D
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Hey Foo Fan,
it is good to read about your weightloss history and to know that someone else has had great results even though not on the fastest route! I tend to beat myself up alot for not doing things perfectly and things taking so much longer than they could! I think you show great persistence in achieving your goal and events which have stalled weightloss has not made you give up. I don't have any advice but just wanted to say hi and wish you a successful continued journey to your goals.
Does no one else want to share their story with me??? :( :(
i will happily share my story hun!

I weighed my heaviest 6 weeks after having DD back in 2006 at 22st 12lbs! 2008 when i went from 18st down to 13st 12 by hitting the gym and eating a very specific way (my own very scientific way which i wont bore you with)..it stopped coming off, i went on CD for 2 weeks, couldnt do SS and spent the rest of the time cheating!
From September 2008 to April 2009, i went back up to 17st 7 and then started CD.
I have to say, i've not messed about with CD...something inside me has clicked and i have a stronger need to get to goal than to cheat/blip.

So although my CD journey so far has been quite short and quick, the rest of it has been pathetic "attempts" that ended up in far too many lapses/failures! :( but i have learned along the way so its not all been in vain.
I now have 10lbs to go until goal, and its REALLY exciting!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D


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