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my journey so far

Wee Doll

Silver Member
i started slimming world on the 30th of march ( 2 weeks ago ) I was a bit skeptical about it at the start as i wasn't sure eating so much was going to help me lose weight.

I started to eat healthy 4 days before i joined slimming world and started going out for power walks for an hour every night.

on the 26th of march i weighed 11 stone 3lbs

my first weigh in ( the day i joined slimming world) i weighed 10 stone 13lbs so i had a loss of 4lbs already ( RESULT!! :D )

after week one i didnt feel any lighter infact i actually thought i had gained weight because i had been a bit naughty and eaten a chinese and a subway at the weekend however i had a loss of 2.5lbs

second week weigh in was lastnight and i felt different, i felt a bit lighter than i was the week before, although being easter i had again been naughty and drank alot of morgans spiced lol yet again i had lost more weight, 3.5 lbs

to date it stands that i have lost 10lbs in 18 days. I feel great and ive even been able to fit back into a pair of jeans that i have not been able to wear since may 2008.

im going to push myself that little bit harder this week and not be naughty so i can knock off the last 4 lbs i need to hit my first stone off :D

i never ever thought that i was going to lose so much weight so fast. to some people its not alot but to me it is as i have tried every diet out there and nothing has worked for me. finally ive found the right diet

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Wow!! You`ve done really well!! I`ve just started my `healthy eating diet` and to be honest I`m quite enjoying it!

I tried WW a couple of times but have never tried Slimming World. Are you allowing yourself alcohol? That`s my biggest downfall as I like a glass of wine with my evening meal and I`m only allowing it at weekends so it`s tough!!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
well i totally fell off the bad wagon last weekend

ive been off alcohol for 3 weeks just to sort my head out and last week the bf and i had an arguement so i hit the morgans lol

all of sat and sunday i drank 1.5 litres and on monday i drank another litre

omg i sound like an alcho but i was out with the girls on sat and had drinks after at mine and i was out with friends again on monday and had drinks at a friends house after

so im back to being off the alcohol cause i thought to myself if i lost 3.5 lbs the week i drank loads what would i have lost if i had not have drank!

I found weight watchers to hard to follow and i was always hungry but with slimming world im never hungry at all
Hey you soo sound like me with the alcohol! lol I'm so bad as well, always go overboard at the weekends! lol just take a look at my diary for saturday night and you will understand lol

Not wanting to be cheeky, but if you don't mind me asking - what dress size are you? I am trying to lose weight for my hol in august, I am currently 14stone 3lbs and looking to lose about 2 stone so just looking for a rough idea of what dress size that would be.

thanks, Kirsty xx
Oh p.s love the name! lol xx

Wee Doll

Silver Member
hey sorry i havnt been on .... im top heavy so it depends where i get my clothes from.

Im a 34D in a bra but my waist size is about a 12 - 14 depending on where i get clothes from but all the skirts i wear are usually about a 12 and all tops are a 14 due to the size of my chest!

im really just looking to get back into a perfect size 10 again and il be happy

Wee Doll

Silver Member
had my weigh in tonight and i got slimmer of the week :D

3lbs off this week

im ever more motivated to hit my target now :D
Well done on the 3lb loss! Kirsty xx
Wow well done to you! I lost 5lb this week and dropped an inch off my waist so really pleased!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
congrats :D

ive completely fell off the band wagon this week ... i had 2 small bits of pizza on fri and alot of drinks :( and a veggi pattie subway

i had a bad week, lost my job and now im dreading my weigh in tomorrow :(
Sorry about your job, that`s probably why you fell off the wagon!

I eat when I`m fed up and when I`m happy so no hope! I`m not looking forward to my WI this week.

Went to the pub on Sunday had a healthy main course followed by a chocolate honeycomb cheesecake! I pint of lager and 2 large glasses of wine! Oh and when I got home it was a fresh cream cake and a very large bar of cadburys wholenut!!
However, I did walk 6 miles to the pub and back and I`ve managed the gym twice this week, oh and also walked or biked to work and back!!
We shall see Fri!!!!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
good luck for friday xx

well i went for my weigh in tonight and despite being bold and no excercise i still lost 1/2 lb lol only a tiny wee thing but still its better than nothing :D

so im back on track now and il work my wee ass off this week and have a good bit off next week :D

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