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  1. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Hello all, thought it was about time I bit the bullet and put some progress pictures up, in the hopes it will spur me on and keep me from being tempted to snack :rolleyes:

    So far I have lost a total of 36lbs since the end of January this year. I've done a combination of WW (lost 1.5 stone) then in July, after getting fed up with my slow progress I decided to start on All About W8 as a friend from work recommended it highly. In the last 5 weeks I have lost 15lbs and thus far, dare I say it, I'm quite enjoying it! Not finding it too much of a struggle.

    So here I am at my heaviest ever, 18stone 3lbs.


    This is the most unflattering picture I could find to really show my weight. I tended to delete any awful pictures. However, fortunately the 'Mum-arazzi' managed to snap this beauty of me playing a game in a pub :cry:

    This is me at approx 15stone 13lbs a couple of weeks ago, just about to go to my cousin's 40th Birthday party.


    And finally, this is me at my current weight of 15stone 9lbs


    So that's my story so far! I have a target weight of 12stone 7lbs, so hopefully by the end of the year I might be at that. But so far I am enjoying the journey!

    Thanks for reading my self-indulgent post!

    F x

    EDIT!! As of the 14th of September I am now 14st 10lbs, and as a special treat my Dad sent me another horror 'before' photo, which I can't even believe myself. Why didn't I see myself as that big!?

    So here's the before...


    And Here's the NOW :)


    NEW UPDATE JANUARY 2012!!!!!!!

    Hi guys and gals, thought I'd update this to show my progress. I'm currently 13st 5lbs, total loss 68lbs with 12lbs to go to my first goal :) had a massive blip over Xmas and piled on 10lbs!!! But I have lost those the last 3 weeks and I'm on the last push before my holiday Feb 19th.

    Currently a size 14-16 :)

    Soooo here we go...

    Here's me about a month ago, bit of a side shot, my stomach has never looked this flat!!

    This is me in my special Xmas dress. Amazing on 2 counts, 1) I NEVER wear dresses and 2) I NEVER wear heels! Being 5'11" I was always too self conscious to wear them before, but I now own 2 pairs.

    And finally, most current, just last Friday in my all new wardrobe :)

    I hope in some way I've managed to inspire someone, it's by no means been an easy journey, I've struggled A LOT and it's taken me a year to get this far. So don't give up, if I can do it then you most certainly can!!!

    F x
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  3. moonwalk

    moonwalk Full Member

    you look fab,well done
  4. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thank you moonwalk :) I see we have pretty much identical stats! Good luck on your weight loss journey x
  5. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Hi LadyFi, Looking real good! Actually...fantastic. Well done.
  6. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thank you very much emmaline! well done on your losses also :) x
  7. Dhanne

    Dhanne Full Member

    Well done! :)
  8. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Many thanks Dhanne! :)
  9. leahs

    leahs Full Member

    Well done! Defo inspiring me to start my weight loss journey x
  10. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thank you so much leahs! I don't think I've ever inspired anyone, I feel quite honoured :)

    Keep us posted on your progress! What diet will you be following?? X
  11. honeybee1711

    honeybee1711 Member

    That's really inspiring - to see how much difference your loss so far has made. It's hard to visualise what progress will look like along the journey.

    Well done :D
  12. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thanks honeybee! It is hard to visualise. I didn't really see any difference until I saw the pictures. I suppose you see yourself everyday so it's hard to notice change. I still feel massive! But not as massive as I was I guess.

    I read on here that 36lbs is the equivalent of 8 x 2ltr bottles of coke!! I find that amazing I've lost that much heavy weight. Quite staggering to think you don't feel yourself 'carrying' it.
  13. Divalicious

    Divalicious Silver Member

    OMG you look so fab! We are the same height and weight as me but sadly I dont look that good, am so jealous. Really nice pics chick! x x
  14. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thank you Diva! I'm sure you look amazing after your incredible loss, I'm in awe!! unfortunately I can't view your pics (if you have any!) until I reach 50 posts.. Not long now!

    How long has that taken you to lose? Ruddy well done to you lady!!

    I've lost another 4lbs tonight, so I'm exactly halfway in my journey now. Didn't think I'd ever get to this stage back in January!!
  15. claire30

    claire30 Banned

    fantastic loss :)
  16. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thanks Claire :)

    F x
  17. kellyshines

    kellyshines Banned

    Skinny Minnie looking wonderful

    What is w8 ? is it a vlcd?
  18. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thanks so much Kelly!

    It is indeed a VLCD. After 8 years of trying and failing on Weight Watchers I needed a kick up the bum! Working for me so far. I'm really enjoying it :)

    F x
  19. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Having a bit of a rubbish weekend so to make myself feel better I've just taken my measurements after 6 weeks of being on W8 and the results are in!

    Week 1
    Waist - 45 inches
    Tummy - 50 inches
    Bust - 45 inches
    Arms - 13 inches
    Knees - 17 inches
    Thigh - 26 inches

    Week 6
    Waist - 40 inches
    Tummy - 47 inches
    Bust - 43 inches
    Arms - 12.5 inches
    Knees - 16.5 inches
    Thigh - 24 inches

    So altogether I've lost 13 inches so far! I really wish I'd taken measurements from back in January, I'm sure they would have been horrific!

    Also, the other day I went shopping and tried on a pair of size 18 jeans, (which a few months ago I could barely squeeze into!) and they fitted with room to spare, so I tried a 16 and they fitted perfectly! I can't remember the last time I got into a pair of 16's.

    F x
  20. Val123

    Val123 Silver Member

    Woohoo - you're doing great :)

    I'm the same re the photos - I was either never in any because of how I looked, or I deleted the awful ones. I have to say, you look well skinny in those pics - lovely legs. I've got rugby players legs and I doubt if they will look as good as yours do now even when I'm at target weight lol.

    Keep up the good work

    val x
  21. LadyFi

    LadyFi Full Member

    Thanks Val! Unfortunately (or fortunately, which ever way you want to look at it) I put on all my weight around my middle, my legs never really seem to change much. Made it annoying buying clothes to fit a massive tum and relatively "slim" legs. I'm now starting to see a waist, didn't think I possessed one of those :D

    F x

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