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    So after enough oohing and ahhing I have decided tomorrow is the day I'm shifting this weight! I currently weight 15st6lbs which somehow I've gained 4 stone in 3 months! Pretty disgusted with myself :( This year the boyfriend and I have been invited to loads of family gatherings, first one in March so I'm hoping most of the weight would of been gone by then. I will be using a VLCD (Exante) as I have been trying "normal" diets and I just tend to binge. I tried exercise and healthy eating and as soon as I exercised I damaged my back. This way I'm hoping I'd shed a bit of the weight and then go onto exercise once the excess fat has gone.

    I decided to post on here for accountability. The boyfriend is quitting smoking so can't talk to him about the diet though he knows how unhappy I've got over my weight. Can't even walk down the road without being in pain!

    So enough rambling, will post tomorrow.
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  3. msbecki

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    So today is day one. Sorted out what shakes I am going to have and the bar,also got my 2l of water prepared for the day.

    Weighed in at 15st7lbs :(
  4. msbecki

    msbecki New Member

    Well that was good... I forgot I put this here.. doh!

    So, diet has been okay. I've decided to buy a different brand of shakes as I couldn't cope with Exante shakes. So they're being delivered today :) Just means 4 meal packs instead of 3 which should make things a little easier too. They're being delivered between 11 and 12 so can start today :D
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