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my journey to becoming a *slinky* school gate mum :)

' if you went swimming, there would be a displacement '
' its a shame you cant lose some weight, you have such a pretty face '
' hello my little dumpling '

these are just some of the comments ive had to indure over the last couple of weeks from the residents in the care home where i work part time .. love them to bits, but the elderly do have a tendancy to be a little blunt and straight to the point sometimes

im around 5 stone overweight, and the unhappiest ive ever been - i certainly dont need their remarks to remind me that im basically obese, especially in front of a room full colleagues and visitors!

just as upsetting were the looks i had to endure this christmas from friends and family that i hadnt seen for a while - my fathers 70th birthday in the new year was particularly hard- after trying on 3 different outfits and settling for the least restrictive, knowing i didnt exactly look the part, i had to indure everyones eyes settling on my stomach and bottom area where the fabric seemed to settle in such an unflattering way .. never have i felt to huge and frumpy in life before, it should have been a happy occasion but all i could think was how awful i felt and and looked :(

then the forced 'you look well' comments, when all the other females from the party were given 'you look lovely' 'love your outfit etc'

i guess i only have myself to blame, if you eat in excess (and i do!) you put on weight .. period

im an emotional eater, and i love my food but its making me so so unhappy - my weight has affected every area of life from my social life, my marriage, career prospect to the sad fact that i have only been swimming with my 12 yr old daughter once!

i now have a little boy age 17 mths and i just dont want him to miss out on the things my daughter has, he will be starting nursery this time next year .. so i have decided to take the bull by the horns and try and tackle my weight problem, i am starting the slimming world plan from home and will try and start walking a little more, and gradually build some some excercises into my daily life

my goal is to lose 7lbs a month (6 stones in throughout the year) to become a *slinky* school gate mum by this time next year .. im 42 yrs young so will probably be the oldest mum anyway, i just dont want to be the fattest mum too!

I also want to make up for lost time with my daughter and go swimming and cycling with her and do all the things ive passed up on because of my weight .. perhaps we could go to centerparcs?

this time next year i will have also finished my first years millinery training, and will be needing to fund the next year .. i plan to approach local fashion boutiques, bridal shops etc with my samples to see if they will stock my fascinators and head pieces - to do this i will need to be confident, and feeling and looking good will play a big part in how well i sell myself

other goals i need to work on are my marriage - years of my self loathing, anger and bitterness have taken their toll, my social life - i need to start going out again and having some 'me' time, work/life balance .. i work very very hard for a pittance yet have the the skills to start a beauty business (eyelash extensions and nails) and earn good money and choose my own hours, i offer these treatments to friends and family but currently dont have the confidence to offer my services to a wider audience, i need to build up my speed a little and believe in what i do and that i could potentially give up my care job and work for myself, eventually achieving my life long dream of having a millinery label

so here's to the new year, i truly hope 2012 is the year i finally turn my life around .. not just for me but for my kids and hubby too :)
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day 1

on shift today so going to be tough going with all the cakes, xmas sweets about!

bfast - w/meal toast, low fat spread, baked beans (1 syn) skim milk in tea
lunch - large banana, shape yogurt


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Wow! You have so much to look forward to, Well done for taking the 1st step! That's the hardest bit. Its great that you're doing this for yourself and your future. Wishing you all the luck on your weight-loss journey! 7lbs a month is a very achievable target on Slimming World :D


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Well done for starting the plan. 7lbs a month is a good goal. Good luck and ask for help when you need it. Everyone is so friendly and helpful on here.
ok slight interruption whilst i try and deal with the most horrendous tooth ache (now sorted thankfully!), the loss of my beloved aunt - the sweetest, kindest person i have ever known and ongoing marriage problems that leave me crying in despair .. yes ive been feeling sorry for myself and for the last week slimming world hasnt been top of my agenda but tomorrow is another day, so im going to try and draw a line under it and go off to my first 'official' millinery class - slightly nervous, emotionally tired but determined to make it the start of something that will lead to bigger things .. i have my packed lunch sorted, fruit to nibble on and plan to have a nice vege chilli when i come home in the evening :)
grilled bacon, 1 fried egg, slice w/meal toast with l/fat spread (2 sins)
large banana
slices of cold meats filled with low fat houmos (5 sins?) salad and muller light yog
just wondered how you slimming world peeps coped when you have the *wrong* food in? i can probably manage tomorrows b/fast and snack on sw plan but my husband did a shop and thinking he was being helpful bought loads ww meals . should i just have neutral sw bfast and do cpl days where i count points and go over (in a controlled way, cant remember the name of it lol) dont want this to spoil my efforts before ive even started!