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My journey to lose this weight once and for all..

Hi everyone x
I ve been lurking for weeks now reading various sections and getting lots of motivation and courage to finally start my own diary. I originally joined the site in 2009 lost 2 stone... stopped dieting... tried again in 2010 with a bit more success... but... put it all back on again :break_diet:..So I start Jan 1st and v much look forward to bearing my soul and getting rid of the 8 stone forever.. Any help and comments will really help me after all its reading everyone else s journeys on here that have made me finally decide to go for it instead of "pretending" Im happy as I am:eek:.
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Best advice that I've learned so far: never give up. If you mess up one day, tomorrow is a new day.


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Heya, hope that your new start goes well!
I think probably the best thing I've learnt is to vary what you eat, find lots of healthy recipes and switch them about. It's so easy to just stick to a couple of meals and then get bored of them and fall completley off of the wagon. Don't make being healthy a chore.

Best wishes.
Thank you ladies for your kind comments, I will need all the support I can get and I hope to help others too (by being an example!) I love your goal Emz to spend loads on clothes!! x So here s to us allI start in earnest tomorrow, I see that we are all doing different diets but I think im in the right thread, I am doing a VLCD but that has worked for me as Im an all or nothing person so Happy New Year to everyone and I look forward to getting to know everyone on our weightloss journies xxx


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It's a good goal to have, what can I say...should probably start saving for the epic spending spree now though, lol.

Hope the VLCD works out for you, just remember, if you mess up one day it's ok, it's what you do the next day that really matters! Just drag yourself out of the dust and carry on!

Best wishes and happy new year!
Ok So I have started today... I am 17 stone 11.5 pounds... and would like to be 10 stone... alot of weight to lose. For the past 5 years I ve always tried to lose weight and I have yo yoed between 16 and 19 stone so this year it has to be different.. I will read others diaries in a min and will keep you posted with my diary...There ll be no more giving up for me or pretending im happy as I am.. (Im certainly not and there really is a thin person here itching to get out). I feel positive today and have never started on the 1st of Jan before as I usually make some excuse whereas there s no going back now xx
Day 2... And so far so good, I am trying to keep myself occupied and want to do some sort of exercise every day too,:) Am recovering from a cold so housework is doing the trick today.. This site is my lifeline at the moment just knowing there s people who understand really helps and reading everyone elses posts help. Mine might seem a bit boring however this is just a way to keep me on the straight and narrow.. (oh to be narrow again lol)... I haven't felt that hungry yet.. but am drinking lots of water, I find that difficult but my skin appreciates it.. will update later or not sure whether to do one update a day??... xx


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Heya, housework and a gentle stroll are definitely the way to ease yourself into exercise, no rushing in to anything and hurting yourself.

At least if you start on Jan 1st you can track all of your losses on the calendar, and thing how amazing it'll be to weigh youself this time next year and see a much smaller number (and a much smaller figure)!

Best wishes.
Thank you Emz x Hope your good:D, Well Day 3 and the scales are moving downwards:) but I'll do a weightloss update once a week, Sat is my weigh day as thats when I started. I dont feel so hungry today, that's ketosis kicking in, I'm giving myself little goals each day the main one being to stick to my plan 100% that s where I ve failed miserably before I ve got down to a certain weight and then stopped...:break_diet: Not this time though..:D I ve got a few more days off before I go back to work which is good. So going to catch up with everyone elses diaries now xxx
Day 5 : ... and all is well, I ve been 100% on my plan, However I need to introduce exercise back in, My plan is to do my first week and then start doing an exercise DVD not sure how much i can do but i have to start somewhere...:whacky068: I used to be a member of a local gym but I cant afford to go back at the moment and didnt enjoy it.. to be honest I think it s more to do with how I look .. Maybe one day I'll get to enjoy exercise.... hope so.. :D. Back to work tomorrow for me but I have managed to really clean my house which Id managed to get in a state! Hoping for a good loss this week. x


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Heya hun, well done for sticking to your goal. The only thing I'd worry about with such a strict diet is messing up on one little thing and it completely messing the rest of my diet up. It's good to push yourself, but not so hard that you push yourself right off of the waggon, lol.

Yeh, I hated the gym when I first started, it was embarrassing being the fattest one there, but generally noone's looking, and eventually I started to enjoying pushing myself harder every day (I wrote a thing about it actually, in the creative writing section of the site). Saying that, I'm not sure I want to join back up, I much prefer just going for long fast walks everyday.

Hope that you continue to do so well!
Best wishes.
Thanks for posting Pink x Do you prefer to be called Pink or Emz? x I know what you mean about the strictness of a VLCD but this time Im just taking it day by day and my goal each day is to be 100%.:D So far so good, As long as I see results I'll be ok I think but thats another reason I'll keep writing this diary as I know that emotion has a big part to play in how I deal with food, as in the past if Im stressed I ve reached for the wine:7834: (that has always been my downfall... ) Back at work today so will keep this short today x
Day 7.... and all is well.. :D, I ve stuck to my plan 100%.. :).. But no exercise.. thats my goal for next week is to introduce exercise. So how do I feel... Well I am pleased I ve been 100%. Will post my weight loss tomorrow It looks gd but its not massive, I don't tend to lose loads and loads even on a VLCD but as long as every week the scales show a loss I'll be happy. :D:D. Am at work at the mo so will keep this brief x
Hi Katie, glad to see that your doing so well, keep it up, just remember that on a VLCD that you need to not do too much exercise as you don't have the calories to do it, so just keep to exercise like walking and swimming, both of which are brilliant ways of keeping fit and losing weight.

Good luck!
Thank you Jo x I will be taking it slowly with exercise but thank you for your advise. And well done on your weight loss too:D
Thanks, was doing well but slowed down recently, so getting back on the wagon. x


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Hi Katierose, just popped in to wish you well and say I am sure this will be 3rd time lucky! You sound really motivated and determined and you have picked a diet that suits you, so the results will soon start happening.

Wish you loads of luck with it, not that you need it!
Well wasn't able to get on the internet over the weekend:( However the good news is I lost 6 pounds woo hoo, am pleased with that :D:D, in fact v pleased. This week I hope to introduce exercise. Thank you for your kind comment Barb, And good luck Jo too, am sure you ll do well. I do feel alot more motivated and determined this time.. I ve missed being on here this weekend as it really helps me so thank you to all you ladies (and gentleman ) as you can see am happy today :D:Dx Here s to another good week


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Crikey! Well done! That's a great loss hun! Just keep up the hard work :)
I will say though, don't expect such big losses every week, losses tend to come in fits and starts, so don't get too miffed if you've worked really hard all week and haven't lost anything, it'll just come off all in one go another week :)
Best wishes.

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