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My Journey to Losing Weight


This is my first post so please be gentle! :wave_cry:

I've looking to lose 2st in weight (when I say 28lbs if feels more achieveable). I've been overweight all my life and I have decided that now is the time to do it.

I've lost weight before using weight watchers and low carb plus exercise so i know that i can do it.

I've read Paul McKenna's book which I found really useful and insightful (is that a word) so I am keen to get started on my road to losing this weight.

I'm intending to keep a diary. I've done this with another aspect of my life and I have found it so useful both gaing tips and support from others and reflecting back on what I have achieved.

I want to loose this weight by the end of the year. Should be achieveable at 1lb a week.:eek:

I want to achieve the weight loss to look and feel better and to be healthier. I also want to be a good role model for my children by eating healthily and exercising regularly. It all sounds very easy.......if only.

Another incentive is that since like a lot of us I don't have a huge amount of spare cash and I do have a whole wardrobe full of clothes that I can't fit into ----- I'd like to get into these clothes.

Like most of us I know what I should be eating and how I should be exercising but the emotional eating and bad habits take over.

I have a shocking sweet tooth and can munch my way through a packet of biscuits without thinking at times. What a shocking confession I've not share that with anyone before. With me its not my meal times which are problematic (we eat very healthily) its the food I eat in between meals when no one else is around :eek:

My aim of this diary is to keep me focused, post up my good times and bad to stay on track to get to my goal by December if not before....

Here goes.................:rolleyes::cool:
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Ok - a few days in and doing OK.

On the positive side:
  • I've not given in to any urges to 'binge' eat - I've described it as binge eating since that what it is too me. Its buying a packet of cakes and eating the whole lot over the course of an afternoon.
  • I feel in control of my eating and life - again I've eaten when I'm hungry and not just because I wanted the food (big difference)
  • I feel so much better already and dare I say it lighter !! That will just be my imagination but its all in the mind
  • I sorted out my 'ticker'
  • I've not obsessed about food its been a secondary to life
On the negatives:
  • I've done very little exercise since I first posted apart from a walk too and from school on Thursday
  • I've not taken the time out to re-read my Paul McKenna book
  • I've bought the fruit but not made the time to make my home made smoothies which are fantastic and really help me feel better
Aims for the rest of the weekend:

  • Stay positive and focused
  • Get out for a run tomorrow am
  • Don't 'binge' on my son's birthday party tea
  • Look forward to a positive week ahead on the weight front
Best foot forward......
Good day today. I went for a run this am which was nice and since I'm in week 3 of a 9 week program I'm doing OK. :)

I've eaten well today and have been in control. I did have one of my little one's choccy bars (left over from his birthday party yesterday) but I only had one which was good.

I stood on the scales this am which probably wasn't the best thing to do since there was no change but I feel better already so I think it will be a case of the scales have yet to catch up with my mind....

Just eaten a yogurt. This is my danger time when the I've done the kids tea and have to wait awhile for mine with my husband. The other danger time is when I get in from work at the back end of the week around 6pm. If there is anything in the biccie tin it doesn't last long.

Anyway I'm not going to bang on I just wanted to post that I am positive and intending to stay that way this week.

Not a good Day

I've not had a good day today and have revered to old emotional eating habits....:sigh:

As a result I have eaten: Gosh I can't believe I am confessing this in public....3 mini mars bars and 4 little home made fiary cakes. Not in one sitting I may add but over the course of the day as well as having lunch (normal healthy cheese and ham sandwich).:eek:

Why have I done this today. I think because my routine has been out of kilter with have one child home sick and therefore I've been in the house all day with two kids. Reading that back it sounds a pathetic excuse for pigging out on food.

Not very positive and definately not taking control.

Well at least i have this diary now to out it down on to enable me to reflect on why etc.

Hope everyone else is having a better day.


Make a plan, deep breath
Don't be disheartened!
It sounds like you're making some really positive changes - forget about those cakes and sweets and think about the lovely healthy food that you will have the next time you feel like a binge =]
Thanks for the support daisyinthedust - its hard not to be disheartened when this happens. Clearly its not something I can talk about to my OH or friends :wave_cry:.

I need to understand what triggers me doing it. Since in between my little 'binges' I eat really well and I exercise. So if I didn't overeat like this I am sure I would loose weight. Trouble is that it has become such a part of me I am sure my body accepts it as normal.

I think I need to make the time this week/end to read properly my Paul McKenna book. Last time I read it most of it really struck home with me....

Its not easy this being in control business....:confused:
Had a really good day yesterday.

I was at work so I have no time or ability to overeat.

It was a colleagues birthday so i day have a cream cake - lovely and I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully today will be another positive day.:eek:
I've not posted for a couple of days but they've been fairly good ones.

I stood on the scales this am and I'd lost 1lb which is Ok :). Not great but its a lost which has got to be good.

Here's hoping for a positive week....
Well done so far, I see you're trying to lose a little bit less than me, you'll be fine! Bit by bit :) x
Got to apologise. I've lost the plot the last few weeks and completely fallen off the wagon with all my good intentions.:cry:

It happens I know.

Now I'm deteremined to sucess and I am following Paul Mckenna's - The Simpliest Weight Loss System in the World - programme. Its one that makes sense to me so here goes.

My committment is to:
  • Move every day in some way shape or form
  • Listen to the PMcK CD everyday (I've just downloaded into onto my ipod to make it easier and to give me no excuse)
  • Post on here everyday to try and stay positive
Here goes....again......to sucess :D

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