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My journey

Whilst i've been here once before it seems that this time is much more difficult, my body had a vendetta against me! It is a "gift" from Satan himself!

Have i really been such an evil person? Ha!

The story really begins 2 years ago, i'd decided that there was no way i was going to be fat at 30 and joined my local slimming world group with friends, all was well and up to October i'd lost 4 stones! Yay me!!

Then i started with a gruff voice and cramps and heart palpitations, i was constantly tired and always freezing cold and no matter what i did or ate the weight was going back on not just the odd pound here and there but 9 pounds a week! After weeks of visits to the doctor and blood tests, it was confirmed, i have an underactive thyroid! TYPICAL!

Finally over 12 months later the tablets i have to take every day for the rest of my life have now been sorted and i can finally try to get some of the weight off!

As a consequence of this i put on the 4 stones (and hard work it was to lose too!) plus an additional 3 stone! Much to my disgust!

I'm in my 1st week of LT, Day 2 today and so far my only issue has been the shakes! Ha ha! Although thanks to you guys i've managed to make the vanilla shake easy to drink with coffee! yipee! so it makes me so much more optimistic! Gonna try the chocolate one made with peppermint tea tonight!

Thank you all for your suggestions! You've made my LT life so much easier!

I'm already looking forward to week 1 weigh in!

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Hi skinnymrstobe from another underactive thyroid sufferer! I totally empathise - I put on 10stone as no one believed there was something wrong. Good luck with your LT journey - everyone on here is lovely and there are so many threads with advice and hints and tips. Happy weight loss! x
Hi, I also have an underactive thyroid, and so far Lipotrim is the only diet that has resulted in weightloss. The first week can be pretty tough, but once you have your first weigh in it will spur you on no end.

Good Luck
Clair x
Thank you for your support! Ohtobeslinky.....WOW!!! 16lbs! That is AMAZING! I've got my fingers crossed for wednesday! Although half of that would be superb!

Charleysangel....your loss is stunning! Its great to see how successful people are and that they are willing to support people they have never even met before!

I'm finding this site great for keeping me occupied when the OH is at work, especially on nights!!

Now i'm so excited for Wednesday weigh in! Fingers Crossed!
I find this forum a great distraction - my OH also works some nights during the week so I have much fun posting random stuff - and hopefully useful stuff! x
Well start of day three, was up very early today, no idea why! I feel very awake and lively today! Maybe things are going well?? Although i do think that the nice weather is helping!

Very pleased too as i've rung the pharmacy to see if i can swap the strawberry shakes for choc or vanilla ones and they were very understanding about my overwhelming need to throw my guts up at just the whiff of them and have agreed to swap them! I feel even more confident about my ability to be 100%!

I just need to keep strong until my first WI so I can actually see that its working, hopefully that will then spur me on for week 2!!!

It does however seem to be dragging this week :( wonder if that's because i just need to get to weigh in for a much needed boost??

My apologies for waffling and boring you all (ha) just keeps me occupied when OH in bed/at work etc!


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Hello Mrs,

How are you finding things now? your not boring us at all!!. I know what you mean about this week dragging (Im only on day 7 - first weigh in tomorrow) - its felt like a month to me and very difficult. That said, I have heard over and over and over again that once we get past this little hump, we'll be flying!!! and do you know, I think your right - we need a weigh in!!!!
Hi Nikki

I'm doing ok thanks (i think)! By Mother in Law keeps saying how proud she is of me (she's done LT before and went from 22 - 14 in 16 weeks) and that i'm spurring her on to have another bash to get the last bit off that she wants to get rid of!

Woke up this morning with a Gob like Ghandi's Flip Flop and I take it from what others (& MIL) that this is a good thing??

Other than that i'm just holding out for my weigh in tomorrow!!! Yipee its finally here!!

Its so amusing that now i'm doing LT the OH has decided to do Slim Fast to try lose a stone (he's just slightly overweight and BMI not high enough for LT) and Mother in Law and Father in Law both going back on LT in a week or so! They say i've egged them on with my determination! its quite nice to hear that!

Just hope that determination can get me far enough down the road to make a difference to my health!

My first mini goal is to lose a couple of stone to make walking around The Open Championship in July a lot easier which when i started last week gave me 7 weeks.

The next mini goal is to get back into the size 22 jeans i was in before my thyroid decided to rear its ugly head! ha!

My word....how much waffle!

Nikki - Have a great weigh in and no matter what....Remember....A Loss is a loss and its gone forever!! xx


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Am so delighted that alot of your family are on some form of diet - think its so much better when you have that support and goal in common plus noone is eating buckets around you!!

Mini goals are great too - I find it way to hard to look at the whole picture - get completely overwhelmed by it all but mini goals keep me motivated. Well done!!.

So, weigh in tomorrow? excellent! cant wait to see how it goes - will be crossing my fingers (and toes) for you!!
Well Done 7lb

Thats great its half a stone in a week. Keep going.


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absolutely fantastic!!!! well done! am so happy for you..


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Well done on the loss .....thats brilliant....keep up the great work, though it should be a little easier if your OH and his parents are also dieting.....good for them.
Day 11.....Struggling somewhat! I'm suffering a little with a pain which is like acid indegestion when i lay down to sleep on a night :( anybody any ideas on what that could be?? Also finding it difficult to drink full shakes as feel too full to get them all down.......not sure how that will affect anything either! Still drinking lots and lots of water and going to the loo at least every 40 mins!! Not sure if i'm just imagining things or if i am actually full?? Finding it really hard to continue, i'm craving cucumber!!! How odd is that?? Just gotta get through to next weigh in on Wednesday and then see what is the best way forward! Hopefully i'll get another boost! Days are seeming to drag which does not help matters, mind you thats probably because i'm starting to dread "mealtimes"! Guess i'm feeling sorry for myself :( xx
I no the craving feeling mine is tomatoes with salt--mad isn't it. you have 15 minutes to drink the shakes, drink some water in between only an idea. Keep going your doing great.

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