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Total Solution My journey

I'm going to try to keep this diary to keep me on plan 100%
I am fed up of Sw not working and then when it doesn't I go off the rails and eat everything so as I can't be trusted to eat sensibly I'm going cold turkey on food
So here is day 1 and I'm full of hope and optimism. Coffee no sugar milk to start the day. I'm working today so during the day should be ok but I know tonight is going to be the hardest so I gave planned washing putting away and a bath then some grilling data crunching for a meeting on Friday.
So here I go.
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Good luck!! If you keep busy and drink lots of water it does take your mind of food!! Tx
Well pack has arrived the bars look lovely, just choosing which soup to have once I've out Rebecca to bed, I've had 3 litres of water and 2 cups of black coffee so far today. I've not cheated at all not even a lick of yoghurt when it got spilt on my hand!!!
Will be measuring the body bits later and recording them to keep a check on how things are going.
Not been too bad today have just had a drink when I've been hungry. Going to try bar for breakfast, shake for lunch and soup for tea.
I've done lipotrim before a couple of times to get the odd stone off and getting into ketosis is pretty hard work but i know in a day or two i'll be fine! Felt like i was losing my mind today at work but i know that will pass!! Haha.
I have to imagine my overhang spilling over my kini bottoms on holiday in August and THAT my friend, is my motivator!! How are you? x
That is my motivation too!! I will not look like the beached whale on holiday!! I'm not buying any holibob clothes till I am nearer my target either.
I'm proud I've been 100% today and it's not been too bad lots of water.
Just had a hot soak in bath and feel a bit dizzy so more water and bed i think. Think weekends will be my hardest. But all worth it for hols not been abroad in 5 years first time with our daughter and our wedding anniversary whilst we are there too. Cyprus and skinny bonus x
Me too me too! I'm dizzy as anything but seeing as i have the place to myself me and my dog are off to bed to watch a movie! I'm not buying any clothes either. No way, not til i'm a size zero! Ha. We have a similar goal date too so thats good. Keep the contact :)

PS How do you get your BMI on your profile? x
Go into your profile change details and once you entered weight etc it comes up on profile there's no box to do bmi specifically.
Keep posting I'm gonna need all the support I can get!! Hubby's just said if I stick to this he'll quit smoking yay
Ok so here starts day 2. DH has said he'll give up gags if I stick to this so stuck to it I wil. Dreamt of food last night lol just bits us put in my mouth without thinking.
Day 3 complete 100% I have the horrid taste in my mouth and wasn't as hungry today but ate early this evening as I was hungry. Hopefully tomorrow will bring the magic ketosis. The weekend will be a challenge but determine to do it.
Hiya I'm on day 4 and I have felt great all day! I hope you do tomorrow pal. I must be in ketosis. What did you eat? I've been looking at Atkins stuff too that must be ok because it's similar isn't it? Gonna try my best with ts but like you I'll just eat a low carver and have the odd ws day. We will still lose!! X

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Well I struggled through day 4 I didn't drink enough water or coffee and picked at ham and a little bit of daughter vegetable finger gutted in myself but am back into it this morning.
That's day 5 done and dusted and was back to 100% yay, feeling good and had lots of energy interspersed with feeling cold! maybe the infamous Ketosis!
bring on day 6 wooooop
Well done - keep going! :)

I'm new to Exante too - day 6 today.

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