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My Journey

I thought I would do an online diary of my proress in the hopes it will spur me on.

Day 1 today of my SW plan and I am really excited to be eating real food again after struggling on CD.

I am currently enjoying a nice cup of tea with a sweetner in it and am going to enjoy my 2 weetabix with ss milk...mmm

Then I need to decide if I am having a red or green day.

My weigh in last night was no surprise, I was 1 lb off the next Stone I have put on - terrible really but only from being a greedy moo and a lazy one at that.

I am really looking forward to saying good bye to my huge stomach, fat arms and legs and fat face.

I know SW really works if you stick to it 100% and thats the key dont cheat - ive cheated in the past and lost a few lbs here and there. If I cheat I am only cheating myself.

Would love a 4-5lb weight loss in the first week to get me going but who knows...

The world will soon be my oyster.
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Day 2 - 9.55am

Yesterday was just to easy I cant believe it. GREEN day today, just having 2 weetabix and skimmed milk and my 2nd cup of tea. Mmmm...

Well still feeling motivated and raring to go, bought the new SW magazine which has some FAB receipes in. Looking forward to my evening meal, a HUGE Omellete packed with veg and some SYN FREE chips - oooohhhh isnt SW just fab!
How are things going on SW?

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