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my Jurbo jam thread


bye bye baby tummy
a friend had the dvds so has lent me maximum results (I dont do discussing exersie with people normally lol lucky i did) she has the live, the ball ones and elite too so plenty for me to borrow haha

D8 20 minute work out :checkmark green:
D9 20 minute work out AND ab jam
D10 Cardio party
D11 20 minute workout AND ab jam
D12 20 minute work out
D13 Rest
D14 Rest

W1 - Completed

D1 learn and burn :checkmark green:
D2 learn and burn :checkmark green:
D3 20min work out :checkmark green:
D4 20 min work out :checkmark green:
D5 rest :checkmark green:
D6 rest :checkmark green:
D7 rest :checkmark green:

See how I go... I started the learn bit but baby needed feeding so going to start again... very warm legs just now lol
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bye bye baby tummy
Well this is my first beachbody ive done ive got insanity and never did it yet as i think it could kill me...

So Ive done day 1 and the learn and burn... I am very warm, I really felt it but it wasnt too hard, the fact it goes through all the moves before putting it in the routine

I can see why it says get a towel lol i am really sweating i felt like i got a great work out, but im not out of breath! I am asthmatic so being out of breath is very bad for me

but i deffinatly reccomend it for someone wanting to do beachbody but is unfit like me lol

lets see how i go tomorrow too


bye bye baby tummy
omg my sides are soooooooo sore today... ironicly no where else... but we will see after todats


bye bye baby tummy
Day 2 learn and burn was harder, i guess its because my muscles are still tierd and i am starting to feel sore now... i dread to think what i will feel in the morning now...

Tomorrow i am starting the 20 minute work outs so we will see how it goes


bye bye baby tummy
First 20 min work out done...

I lost a little bit of form on the twists

and i met the turbo for the first time... i am not so fit and it knackered me... but not to the point i couldnt carry on!

deffinatly felt it more today

bring it on tomorrow

anyone reading this considering turbo jam go for it im loving it


bye bye baby tummy
Im ready and raring to go on week 2!

Felt a bit lost these three days without it lol I was sure today was day 8 but then i realised its not untill tomorrow

gunna work this baby blub off hard this next week...

need to work more on the kicks im loosing a bit of form going to nail it this week


bye bye baby tummy
Well ive watched through for the next week... and oh my lol the cardio party looks like im going to be knackered lol should boost my loss for this week though


bye bye baby tummy
Well I've done my 20 minute work out for today, will be doing Abjam later, luckly no Turbo with the abjam but its alot of crunchy things by the look of it so will be doing that later can only bribe kids to leave the room for like 20 min at a go... when i tried doing ti around the kids my toddler was running under my legs and when it gets to the kicks i have huge fears of kicking her


bye bye baby tummy
oh and i moved on from some of the low impact to doing it nomal for some bits like bouncing for the speedbags i was a bit more out of breath for doing it but enjoyed it
hi louisa , just came across your diary on turbo jam. im starting it too. matter of fact im doing the whole beachbody journey and been looking for people to join me but havent found anyone. i keep starting and stopping and need to properly get back on it. how have been doing so far and where are up to? jenny aka milkshake junkie ;-D

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