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My kick up the ass

A friend of mine had neuro acupuncture for weight loss done recently. A small stich in her ear and she told me that she was getting fuller quicker and for longer. As my main problem is an out of control appetite i went ahead and booked myself in to have it done this thursday. Just wondering if anyone has had this done before? Of course i realise that the acupuncture alone will not work for me, so im also going to join up with slimming world and make an exercise plan including using the wii and my rowing machine thats gathering dust. Im hoping the acupuncture will give me a much needed kick up the ass to get this healthy eating plan going for me :)
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I had it done :)
Ive only really been on my official healthy eating kick since friday but i already have noticed im not getting as hungry as i would normaly. Im getting fuller quicker too and not feeling like i have to finish the whole plate of food. I guess il see next friday weigh in how effective this really is :)
Everything is going great so far.
Im eating meals from sw and exercising. Im feeling full an satisfied after every meal. I almost cant wait until friday to see how i have done :D
I wonder if its one of those things, like a placebo, you have it so you convince yourself you are full.
Saying that, it sounds like a kinda ok procedure so I would also have it if I was offered. Flux, do you have to continue to get it done, or just once?
Well it is about training your brain I guess, although i couldnt honestly answer if this is a placebo or not. I will say that having been from diet to diet most of my adult life, i know i dont normaly have this much will power to keep hunger at bay. Especially since im now eating meals half the size of what i normaly make for myself.

The procedure hardly hurt at all, then again i have several cartalige pierings so maybe im not the best to judge. Its a suture in your ear so you only have to go the once to have it done. I "play" with the suture 45 minutes before meals and have to stick to the same amount of meals each day. Strictly no cheating. I have four meals- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack (yes snack is counted as a meal). I have to cut my food down a little each day until about day 8 where i "peg it" and stick at those size meals until my weight is lost. Im also making sure my diet is well ballenced and exercising.

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