My kidney Stone Update

Saw the consultant this morning regarding my kidney stone and he gave me an ultrasound.

He tells me that one of my kidneys does not look normal. It is very distented and has no fat in it and a lot of fluid with only a thin layer around it.

He is sending me for a scan to check it is actually working!

If it is, then the kidney stone is going to be blasted from inside using a laser.

Of course more blood needs to taken but I am not sure where from since my arms are already black and blue.

Hi Gilly,

I am sorry to hear you are up for more blood tests but at least this will be sorted out speedily for you if you are going privately.

Re my posts yesterday I can confirm that all the information I posted to you has been confired by Pauline our Medical Officer as being correct.

Once you are fit and well your CDC will then be able to advise you regarding CD and whether or not the programmes will be suitable for you.

In the meantime follow the GI diet and this should stop you regaining your weight.

Wishing you well.