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my knickers are all too big !!

mine too! I've now got some fabulous Calvin Kleins which make me feel super sexy!


Fighting Demons....
Hahaha! Karma u make me giggle!!

I'm getting that way with some of mine. And my bra's :cry:

Thankfully, I have smaller ones hidden away somewhere from the last time I lost weight. (This will be the LAST!)

B x
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lol - here is a funny little story, and if you tell anyone I will deny it ever happened!!! :D

When I first finally had to replace my knickers I bought three packs.
When I finally got to the third pack and opened them, i discovered they were thongs. I never wore thongs before as they just didn't erm, look at all right.

So anyway - I wore one one day as had not done laundry.

And all I can say is.......WHY would anyone CHOOSE to wear a thong!!??? It's like having dental floss run up yer bum!!! :D :D I found them extremely uncomfortable and decided never again.

Then, weeks later, again low on laundry - desperation required me to grab one of these. We went out for the night. We had a very very late night. We came in and I was sooo o tired, I immediately changed into my dressing gown. Then I fell asleep on the couch. I got up and sleepily wandered off to bed and stopped off to have a wee.

Because I was so tired, and because you cannot feel a thong - I just sat down and went!! :rotflmao: Right on my thongs!! :D :rotflmao:

I was roaring with laughter as they made their way into the bin!!! :giggle: And the others as well. :rotflmao: Not for me those!

Hope that made ya giggle!!!!!!!!!
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LOL at all of you with your knickers falling down! Good feeling though isn't it?? and now you have an excuse to go and buy new underwear.


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Know what you mean. The pair I wore on Sunday were so big that when I pulled them up, my t-shirt automatically tucked into them and they were highly visible above the waistline of my jeans! Good job I checked before I left the toilets.


nearly there!! :)
lol bl bet ya were "pissing urself laughing" lol!!!

i actually only own thongs dont have a knickers to my name!! love them actually hate knickers haha
shall we start a poll? Thong or knickers? or even commando? lol


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i am a bit like blonde logic, i just don;t think i could be comfortable in a thong, but i am yet to try,when i get slim.:D
Hi Karma

My underwear all got too big as well. I've had to get everything new -knickers and bras (hate thongs, don't see the point.)
Now because they are all about half the size they were,as I am, I have space in my drawer for double the amount!
My ticker is stuck ,but I've now lost almost half my body weight. Started at 21.5 stone so underwear much prettier and more comfortable now.
Go buy - and enjoy!:character00100:
buying pretty underwear has got to be one of the best things about being slimmer. Feel so much more feminine when I'm not living in Bridget Jones pants!
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
I've gone "retro" and back to cute little bikini bottoms. They are tiny and like SB said, they take up so little room! Its great!!!

I bought about 10 new bras as well - all girly and pretty colours - been amazing. OH quite happy with THOSE expenses lol :D

I've never done the "Bridget Jones" pants though - even when big. lol - makes me giggle thinking about the film. :D


Fighting Demons....
I live in boxer shorts and french knickers. But I have to say, a few stone (lighter) ago, I did have a drawer full of thongs, and they were most comfortable. Just not at this present weight!! Give me a few months!!!

B x

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