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My last


Resident geek
ooh im wish you on the iron bru.. i loooove it..!!
good luck for CD doll..!! wont be long till your suppin that irn bru again..!!

x x
good luck, im starting again on the 4th cant wait to be alot lighter by summer as well. hope you enjoyed the bru :D


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Babybaillie, Good luck with your start today!! (Is Baillie really your baby's name? my boy is Bailey too! I love the name.)



Strong women stay slim
It will still be there when you finish , good luck girl !
Thanks everyone...

No my babies not that there babies anymore lol are called Lewis and Rhiannon. Baillie is my surname and when i 1st set up internet back in 2000 my pal made my email addy babybaillie and its stuck for most usernames lol
lol very good... yeah i keep saying just get through this 1st week and when it shows on the scales how much ive lost then its bound to spur me on to stick at it....
Diet Irn Bru?????
you may have aswell gone for the full fat version - far better especially with a proper scottish chippy & chippy sauce and deep fried mars bar for desert lol
lol i hate the ordinary irn bru. gave that up for diet years ago n cant drink the other now... no chippy chips mmmm

and fried mars bar i have never tasted one. have u?? tell all was it nice??


not for long hopefully
How you feeling today mate?
Im on day 2, and think that the Ketosis thing is just kicking in!
Still feel that this is my time to lose weight!
being scottish that is a disgrace you havent tried a deep fried mars bar! its like the national diet lol

only kidding, neither have i !

best of luck anyway babybaillie:)
How you feeling today mate?
Im on day 2, and think that the Ketosis thing is just kicking in!
Still feel that this is my time to lose weight!
bigfella i feel on top of the world
lost 11 pounds in effectively 4 days mon morning to this morning so pretty chuffed. went to gym this afternoon and did 40mins cardio & 20 mins weights and it wasn't that i was struggling for energy or anything. dont get me wrong if you put a burger king in front of me i'd hoover it up in seconds, but cant honestly say i am hungry feeling, have emptied the kitchen & fridge of all other food before i started so no temptations and i know its only day 5 and a long way to go but i am finding this ok to do, sleep like a baby at night, and feeling very determined to see this through and not fall off the wagon.

How are you finding it so far? Have you got ketostix to check yourself? You feeling really hungry? I'd say I am knocking back probably 4 litres of water a day which is easier than i thought too
Best of luck fella good to know other guys are doing this too


not for long hopefully
Like I said in another thread, 11lbs already!! Keep this pace up mate and you'll end up a male version of Victoria Beckham!!!
Im doing ok, still at that stage where I'm so into SS and am so determined. To be honest mate, I've had it with being known as "Bigfella" by everyone - hence why ive chosen it as my name on here, as a constant reminder of what I no longer want to be!!
There is a logic there somewhere!!!!!
Did the old pee test earlier and it was a dark salmon colour, so if im not in ketosis at the min, I should be soon.
I dont drink tea/coffee usually so drinking all the water isnt a problem, I know some find it hard though.
Impressed with the gym work that your doing, Im gonna leave it a week or so, then see how I feel and take it from there.
Yeah mate, it is good to have another dude doing it (not knocking the ladies on here) but they say that blokes lose it faster so it will be good to compare!
All the best
So you not got a headache today? My 2nd day i had a killer headache that lasted whole day almost made me feel sick. Also i've bought sparkling water by the bucket load (tesco value 2litres for 17p bargain or what lol) as was founding still water slightly bland and my tap water is foul.
You're motivation & determination is really great and thats what counts i reckon its all down to willpower to see it through. Going to ask the CDC on monday about the fibre 89 stuff she sells as toilet trips are somewhat very different in frequency lol
lol i bought asdas 2ltr still water and was thrilled it was reduced to 15p lolol great cause u no exactly what ur havin n i hate tap water too


not for long hopefully
No headaches as of yet, my cdc said that ensuring that you drink enough water should help stop headaches!
My determination comes easily to be honest, I only have to look down at my gut - then the determination to get rid of it kicks in - hope it stays that way!
Gonna get some of that sparkling water, makes a difference to the still stuff!

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