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My Life, then and now and everything in between (bit long sorry)

Well i have seen alot of these types of threads on here and thought why not, if i post this then when i am having a bad time i can look back and see wat i have achieved.

Well i am 29 years old, live in hampshire, married with 2 georgous girls, 5 and 2 years old, they keep me on my toes!!!

i have been overweight since secondary school, all through my own fault, all i ate was crap, mum couldn' get anything healthy in me, refused anything slightly healthy and was always stopping at the shop on my way to school, at 16 i started work so had my own money and there was nothing stopping me eating even more rubbush, met my huband who although a very fit man eats for england so guess what, my portions got bigger, and cooking in my own home helped me avoid veg!!!
Joined Slimming world for the first time in 2003 and lost 1.5stone taking me down to 13st13lbs, then got pregnant and i have no idea where but found a hell of alot of weight. never really bother with anything for 3 years and in that time had another baby, got weighed at my midwife booking appointment and then the day before the baby was born and i had not put on 1lbs during my pregnancy which the midwife was very pleased with as this meant i had managed to lost about 1.5 stone while pregnant so was really excited about what i would be after the baby was born, anyway during my mat leave i managed to find a few stone!! where did that come from???? to many coffee mornings me thinks. One good thing, having the girls made me eat veg, cos if Mummy and Daddy eat it it must be good!!! can't avoid no more as i worry the girls won't eat it.
Decided enough was enough and joined slimming world in April 2008, weighing 18st 4lbs:wave_cry::wave_cry:, i went home and cryed, disgussed with myself i vowed to change, that lasted till i had lost 1.5 stone!!! beginning to see a pattern!!! started using Slimming world as a social event and wasn't bother what the scales said, whata waste of money. dear old hubby has been very supportive but did say enough was enough we didn't have money to waste if i didn't take it seriously i was not to go anymore :cry: spoke to m leader who said i made be able to get free on a GP referal, went to docs and he offered me Xenical instead, i was so excited. :p:p

My biggest fear is my girls will be big!!! i let them have sweets but limit them and every meal includes at least 1 veg, i constantly watch what they put in the mouths and question myself over their portion sizes and now i am worried my 5 year old has noticed this, i don't want them to realise what i am doing, i want them to eat healthy b ut i don't want them to grow up having an issue with food like i do :sigh::sigh:

well brings me up to date now, been on Xenical for 8 whole weeks and lost 12lbs so pleased, can't wait to get down to 15 st, then 14 st, i have no idea what my final target will be when i fit in clothes i actually like wearing i hope!!! :)

sorry its long got a bit carried away ;)
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Hey, I can totally relate with everything you have to say. Very similar to my battle of the bulge. Heres hoping xencial will be the tool we need to succeed this time, not just for ourselves but for our kids xx


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thats a really powerful post. and every time you are feeling like you wanna throw in the towel look at that post and i hope it brings you back...
Good luck with it all and remember stay on here and post loads. it will help you.. (it has me and ive only been on the tablets for 2 weeks)
i reread it after i posted and can't believe i have bared my soul to strangers, well you were strangers you now know more about me than even my cloest friends.
i need you all, thank you for leaving me messages i was worried i had bored the arses off you all.
x x x


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never boring... such an inspitration!!
Well done, sometimes it easier to be more open with strangers if you know what i mean. Good luck with your journey x
Hmmm not a brilliant weekend, just couldn't stop myself from picking!!! i am 100% monday to friday and the Weekends it goes a little wrong. but not half as bad as i used to so there are some changes happening.

today i have had

breakfast : bran flakes with skimmed milk
lunch - baxters soup
tea - prob a ww meal , starving though so may need something more!!!!


gunna be a fatty for ever
why dont u bulk it out with loads a veg! im having beef hot pot with loaads a brocolli tonite!



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thats usually what i do.. is bulk it out with veg, or if its just a veg dish ill add some rice...
well another good day, porridge for brekkie, soup for lunch, salmon and jacket pot with beans for tea.
no snacks and 2lt of water.
yeahhh me


gunna be a fatty for ever
woooop wooop go you! well done keep up the good fight!

woop woop!!! well done!!!
well, i have been really good all week, a little off the rails at the weekend and i got on the scales this morning and they are more or less the same, was 16.06.6 last friday now 16.06.3 not even 1/2lbs, i am a bit disappointed :-(
my scales are not overley reliable but they weighed me the same as the docs last friday so thought i would start weighing weekley so i could see how i was doing rather than waiting for my monthly trip to the docs!!!