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My little Policeman pills!

So, so far I'm on day 9 and doing well (at least I think I am!)

Bit about me, I'm Laura, 27 and a stay at home Mummy to my beautiful Keira who is 3 (4 in 4 weeks!) and cheeky Finley who is 2.

Been with Ian for 12 and a half years now! We were each others 1st love and its amazing we're still together and in love even after we were told it would never work! I was a size 12 when I met Ian and 9 and a half stone...what I wouldn't do to get back there!

I've always struggled with my weight :cry: As a child my Mum suffered from anorexia and bulimia and I watched her go through it. It has affected me big time but I've gone the other way and couldn't stop eating. At 10yrs old I'd binge in secret on chocolate, crisps etc etc as nothing like that was allowed in our house. I do feel a bit of a food addict if there is such a thing?? But I can't go on like this. I've tried so many diets, lost good amounts of weight but always piled it all back on then some more.

Well NO MORE!!! Went to my docs before Xmas and broke down. He prescribed me my little policeman tablets and its onwards and 'downwards' from here on!!

I want to do this for 1) ME!! I wanna be proud of me and walk into a shop and know any size 12 will fit!
2) For my children! I want them to be proud of their Mummy! Spesh Keira, I don't want her having the hangups I have from my Mum.
3) For Ian, I want him to feel proud (not that he doesn't now) of me!
4) We've been engaged for over a year now and I WILL NOT set a date until I have lost this weight. I will NOT regret my wedding pics!

Right, anyway, managed to loose 4.5lbs in my 1st week...with hardly any exercise so this week I intened to get exercising!

Good luck all...sorry for the rambling!!

Laura xx
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Hi Laura.
I just read your thread you have fantastic motivation, I wish I had a little of it!! What are these policeman pills??
Lou xx
I'm on Xenical...prescribed by the docs. I call them my policeman pills as they stop me from eating any bad stuff as I'm too scared of the side affects! This is a major thing for me as nothing has worked like this before! xx
Welcome Laura, you obviously recognise your problems and thats the first step to overcoming them. Few of us overeat just because we like the taste of food, there is often an underlying psychological problem as well as our love of grub. My own problem is that deep down I dont believe I deserve to be slim, whenever I seem to be going to succeed I go into sabotage mode, this has happened time and time again. That is the first time I've written that down, so I'm hoping now I've admitted it I will be able to deal with it. Apart from that I do like my grub, and can eat whether I'm hungry or not. I also drink too much, I got in the habit of opening a bottle of wine every night, giving Norm a glass and drinking the rest myself, so cutting down the booze has at least shown me that I'm not alcohol dependant! Anyway, this site is the best place for you, the support is fantastic, the people are fab, you can say what you like and no-one judges you. I'm not taking Xenical at the moment but I still post here because its the best bunch of people. Good luck babe!!! Lizzie.
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starting again!
Hi Laura,

Sounds like you have good motivation and that will keep you going. I know what you mean about your daughter, I don't want mine to be like me and I want her to be proud of her mummy, not embarrassed of her because she's fat.

Keep us update on your journey, I like reading all the diaries, its good to hear how well everyone is doing to help keep motivated.

Hope you have a good weekend
Hey Laura :)

It sounds like your head in the right place (which I think is half the battle).

Good luck in meeting your goals :D
AARRGGHHH!!! I'm craving bad things big time right now. I won't give into the cravings but could really do some chocolate! Actually thinking about it I'm on day 11 of Xenical and not a bit has passed my lips...now that is amazing! Still want some tho!

Think its boredom more than anything. I love being at home with my 2 but my goodness it does get boring sometimes! If I wasn't on Xenical I know full well I'd be picking at naughty food all day just for something to do. Hopefully this will be a lifestyle change I can keep. Must start orgainsing things with friends...theres only so many princess puzzles a girl can do!

Must start orgainsing Keira's 4th birthday too! Can't believe my little girl is going to be 4!! Where has that time gone!

Right, I'm being called to do yet another puzzle!!


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how are you feeling now????
i get my choccie fix from things like hot chocolate (the options ones or skinny cow)
and also i have the chocolate shakes from slim fast as thats what im doing also so i get that most days.... maybe try having a hot choc in the eve??
might help you a little....

how are you other than that...
you have done well to get 4.5lb in your first week...
and from experience exercise does help!!!!

hope you are ok... and that your cravings are not too bad.
Well another 2lbs down for me this week...was disappointed tho! I shouldn't be I know but I wanted at least 2 and half lbs to get my 1st half stone. But hey, hopefully next week will be a bigger loss!

Gonna try the hot choc option Kes as I am really struggling with the whole choc thing! xx
It's 2lbs you're no longer carrying. It all adds up :) The most I ever lose is 4lbs. Normally it's 1-2lbs
all the pounds add up, your doing well. before this diet you'd of been proud of that weight loss in a month
Wow!! 4lbs off this week! I was so happy! This really is working and will carry on working!
Done loads of walking this week pushing my 2 on the buggy and it really does work! Also been taking the longer route rather than the easier shorter route.

Just hope this motivation stays now xx
Sounds like your really doing well! I know exactly what you mean about the 'policeman pills' Im hoping to go on them soon, and thats what i need - when im feeling low, or bored, i need something to stop me picking at naughty things! And the scary side effects are definitly enough to do that! I love reading everyones sucessful-weeks- stories, very inspiring! :)


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wow well done thats fab!!!! Keep it up!!
Well another 1.5lbs bites the dust :) thats 12lbs now. Also did my 1st lot of 4 weekly measurements and was thrilled to see I'd lost 7.5'' from all over my body! Great!

Had docs yesterday for 1st WI and he had me down at a 5kg weight loss and was so happy with me! He even gave me a hug! Gave me another months worth of tabs then remembered he'd be on hols when I'm due my next lot so ended up giving me 2 months worth as he said he trusts me to keep loosing!
Having a nice doctor really makes all the difference! Cos he has put his faith in me I am determined to do really well for my next WI with him in March!


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well done on doing so well. Bet your really chuffed with yourself!!!

I need to get my bum into gear and get losing some serious weight again!

You are an inspiration!
Still seems to be going well. Actually look forward to getting on the scales which is an unusual feeling! xx

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