My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen - don't read this if the mention of food will tempt you.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen

I've lost another kilo.

You know I've been on holiday - and I had lovely food and wine and choccie and Cypriot delight and honeyed almonds and yoghurt with honey and all manner of lovely things. Well this is what is in store for you if you are good on your Lipotrim too.

I think I deserved a break. I've been on it since June, but I still lost weight.

I don't know how to move that tracker thing, but it can be moved in another 2 weeks, when I must get below 11 stone.

Hugs to all
Marylyn xxx
Aw Pam

Not for a little while.

In fact, don't even think about it, slapped wrists for reading that thread.

This time next week, you could have dropped 13 or 14 lbs.

You're very brave, reading that thread. I make a point of never talking about food in posts, unless invited to, or as I did today with a warning.

I want to read about Pam's successful day on day 2 tomorrow.

Marylyn xx