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The Food Diary of a Catering Administrator

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Sailorbecky, 3 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sailorbecky

    Sailorbecky New Member

    Hello! I'm Becky and I've decided that after stalking this website for a few months, it's about time I make my own food diary!

    I have been going to slimming world classes since November and have only lost about half a stone. I'm the kind of person who is all or nothing, I don't do moderation! So I either stick 100% to plan or go all out. I don't have much weight to lose but in my mind would like to lose another stone. I'm a size 12 at the moment but would like to be a comfortable size 10.

    As the title of my diary suggests, I work with food, meaning I am constantly thinking about food! I think my biggest downfall is that I get a free lunch in work which is cooked by top chefs. There are plenty of healthy options for me to choose from which I often do, but my biggest downfall is resisting the puddings! I decided to create a food diary to make me more accountable to what I'm putting in my mouth.

    I started off doing extra easy but found that I just wasn't losing weight, I think having pasta and potatoes doesn't work for me. So I try to do red days for the majority of the week, with a couple of green or extra easy days to satisfy my cravings!

    I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and thanks for reading!
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  3. Sailorbecky

    Sailorbecky New Member

    I now live in London but have come back home up North for the bank holiday weekend. My mum and I went shopping and ate lunch out so I thought it was easiest to do an extra easy day today.

    muller light apple pie yoghurt (1 syn)
    banana and grapes
    35g muesli (heb)

    Jacket potato with chilli and a salad without dressing. Not sure on syns for the chilli, should I guess about 5?
    rice with chicken and veg
    slimming world rice pudding using my hea milk. 4 syns of jam

    Special K chewy delight cereal bar (4.5 syns)

    total syns for the day is 14.5- more than I would have liked but having the chilli at lunch threw me off a bit!
  4. Sailorbecky

    Sailorbecky New Member

    Yesterday didn't quite go according to plan! I had the best intentions! My friend has opened up a new American themed milkshake bar so my mum and I went there for a visit. I had a hot chocolate which I was planning to syn and use the milk as my healthy extra. But we ended up getting whipped cream and marshmallows on it too! Then when we came home my mum poured me a glass of wine and I drunk that too! Dinner followed plan though so hopefully not too bad.

    Im going back to london today which should make it easier as I will get back in to my normal routine. I've started the day off well and am feeling determined today! I usually weigh in on a Monday night but my class has been changed to the morning for the bank holiday. If I go to a Saturday morning class instead , will that count as this week? Or is Saturday a new week?

    Hope everyone has a great bank holiday Monday!

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