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My lovely girl arrives on Wednesday

Hi all

I just thought i'd share my good news with everyone. I'm adopting a dog and should have her on Wednesday. She is a bit of mixture - terrier, lab, lurcher and german sheppard.

She is 18 months and has had such a hard life so far. She lived in an apartment with one guy and never got to go outside, she also has a wound on her neck from a collar that was way to small. She is also really really thin.

I am so excited and nervous I haven't had a dog since I was a kid.
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Aww good on you for taking her on! Bless her, it's great to hear she's going to have a good home now. I hope to rescue an animal who needs a new home one day, not right now though as I currently have two cats and a dog.
Good on you, we have two rescue lurchers and they are so sweet and gentle.

They were in such a mess when we first took them home but now are healthy (can no longer see the bones in their spine and tails) and all their fur has grown back.

Even after all they have been through they are so gently that they now come with me to work as I work with people with dementia and they are sooooo good with my clients!!

Have fun with her, and post a piccy of her once she is settle in.

R :)
it's so good to read a thread like this. Well done for choosing her, she will bring lots of love and will fill your life with happiness. First thing to do is take her to a big, huge park and allow her to stretch her legs :)

Well done and good luck to both! xx
Thanks for you support & good wishes. I can't seem to add a picture at moment but I will as soon as i can.
That's great news, well done you for giving a forever home to such a deserving pooch :)

We adopted a little Jack Russell Terrier who we have called Buddy who had been treated appallingly and I am so glad we did! He is a little star :D- Buddy was locked in a shed for 8 years, and fed very very occasionally, he was never allowed out and in the end chewed his back leg off :( he is so so sweet natured though, and is now very mobile on his 3 remaining legs
Ah KT, buddy was so lucky to find you. So how long have you had buddy?
About 3 months now, he's settled in really well :)

Not long to go for you now!! Are you all prepared?


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Has your little lady joined you yet? Looking forward to seeing how you are getting on x

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