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My low carb/high protein diet

This is my third attempt to lose weight this year. First attempt was on celebrity slim, I lost 12lbs quickly then cheated like mad, the result was I lost 15lbs over 8 weeks. Next attempt was following scottish slimmers sensible eating plan on my own. Did not lose anything as when I started to eat anything and count the points I was eating lots of unhealthy food then knowing that I had blown the diet by mid-morning I was continuing to gorge myself for the rest of the day and restarting the next day, but the next day was just the same good start in the morning but then downhill after that. I am sure there are a few dieters who can relate to this. This is now my third attempt and this time I have bought a selection of products from avidlite, I have tried their shakes and they are ok, much cheaper than celebrity slim. I hope that I will go into ketosis, but I am going to eat three fruits a day and eat chicken/tuna/eggs if I feel the need to eat something, and 3 shakes/soups. The good thing is that despite gorging myself on sugary foods I have only put on 1lb. I have to admit that I do struggle drinking lots of water but I have now stopped adding milk to my coffee and do drink quite a lot of coffee.
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i have the shakes from avidlite and you can really tell they dont have as much sugar in them!

you can get into ketosis with the shakes.

you mentioned eating fruits...thats okay but stay away from citrus fruits as they can knock you out.

bewary of soft drinks aswell, i had lots of coke over the weekend and iv been knocked out of ketosis because off all the citric acid.

dont forget to drink loads of water aswell!

good luck this time around!!


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I quite like the Avidlite shakes.....especially vanilla (hot with coffee - latte style) and I like the chocolate hot.


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i love the chocolate, its soo tasty .

but do you add milk or water?


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I mix the shakes with water.......never tried them with milk.
I have been adding water to the shakes. Had an avidlite leek soup tonight it tasted a bit powdery but it has kept hunger at bay. I half choc shakes and make them into a hot drinks that way I feel I am having a normal hot chocolate. I have to admit I am still tempted to reach into the biscuit tin but so far so good.
Hiya, just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey.:)
Thanks seems quite easy so far but I am struggling to drink lots of water.

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