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My Making The day Count Diary


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
My aim for this year is to try and do something every day to make that day count ....
today I wrote my blog about 'the cowards cupboard' , I also made it into town through the snow, hunted through every flipping shop and finally found a crochet hook and some wool and I have taught myself to crochet!
Diet plan hasn't gone too well today if I am honest but I have had hardley any sins over the past week so no concerns there .. definately still within my limits as a whole and back to strictness tomorow.

So what have you done today that has made the day count .. doesn't have to be anything big ........ and what will you do to make tomorow count :)

Thankyou Kel for the comments you left on my blog .. . nice to know you are finding the entries inspiring .. lovely when people do leave comments :)
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A Girls Got 2 Do ...
My Making Count Diary & my quote of the day

Morning folks .......

I am just about to go off and write my blog so thought I would do my pop into mini's first.
Ive already got my head ticking about what I am going to do today to make today count and what 'do's' I can have turned into 'did's' by this time tomorrow ....... will keep up date on blog as usual .. just really helpful to see it written down in black and white.

Right, a thought for the day on top of the making it count, the do's into did's and all the other stuff I have gone on about :)

" We learn more about ourselves when we fail...so, don't be afraid of failing. Failure is a part of the long process of success. People who do not fail are those who do nothing."
Robert T. Kiyosak
Failure is something we have all experienced, and whilst disheartening and often heard to handle at the time, we can often look back and reflect on what we have learned and how that failure actually brought us to a different and better place.
Are there any particular failures that you can thnk of where they have added something to your life, whether it be simply that they made life a bit more colourful, perhaps you learned a lesson, maybe someone else learned a lesson from it. More importantly did it change the way that you did things, approached things in the future.
Remember, it doesn't have to have been something big and dramatic ... its just about trying to change our persepective on how we see our lives that have passed so far, and viewng them in a positive way, even the bits which at the time seemes crappy.
Wishing everybody a fantastic day!
Klare x
I was really annoyed that he had done it. He was supposed to ahve them for the weekend, but had better things to do on Saturday night. Then when we're doing something fun he thinks he can just come and join in my time with them. Anyway don't get me started. I bit my tongue and let them get on with it.



A Girls Got 2 Do ...
morning everyone,
here's my things that I am going to do to make today count.
Aside from ploughing through the snow to get my elderly neighbor to the 'bone man' ( she fell n the snow and hurt her back), and then ploughing through the house work... my main thing for making today count is to complete an application form for a job. I am in a job which I am deeply unhappy and unsatisfied in - not to mention that we are all heading towards a 6k drop n salary which will mean i wont be able to afford to put the petrol in the car to GET to work!.. so that is my proactive thing on my list and the thing which by tomorrow I will be able to say that I have turned a 'do' into a 'did' on my list,
I'm also going to write my blog .... the basis of todays entry being ...
" You should not wait; the time will never be 'just right'. Start where you are, work with whatever is at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along."
..........I know I am not the only one who has dreams an aspirations but continually put them off because the time isn't right, or I can't access what i think I need to be able to do it etc
Obviously I will be sticking to my SW eating plan because I DO have the right tools to be successful not least with the support available on this forum :)
Here's wishing everyone a fantastic and productive day.
Klare x


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
A good week that could / should have been crappy!

Pretty pleased with how this week has gone all in all.
It could have been a really horrid week, star week so lots of chocolate cravings, weather horrid so not able to get out and get much fresh air, had to return to work ( the job that I am desperately unhappy in) after a number of weeks off, but I kicked my attitude into gear and prevented myself from making my own life any worse than it needed to be, I made a darn good start on the latch hook rug that is part of my new years rezzies, have taught myself to crochet and m ade a 'ball of crochet thing' - thats the best description that I can come up with, but its pink so its okay :) .. I have made a start with selling stuff on ebay and raising about £80 so thats almost there with a little mini goal from my new years rezzies .... oh and applied for a job and another application to go into the post today... oh and managed to get all my weekend housework done with the help of the children ( apart from finishing the washing and ironing but will do that after they have gone to bed).. so we actually get to do something nice today! :) yay and double yay!
And to round it all off, I have managed to kick approx 3lbs this week ( i weigh on the Wii Board so it does it in kg on my game) and i had to get myself weighed in a day early as wont be about to do so tomorow.
Very theraputic.. think I have managed to 'talk myself up' .. so I reckon I might just go and do my blog about that today.

Hope everyone else has had some real positives this week ....
try picking 5 things that you have managed to achieve this week. :)

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