TS AAM My millionth restart journey 2023 🙏🏽

Hi gingers crossed thank you for popping in how is it going for you? It’s so quiet here me too I did it back in 2011 and mini mins was awesome still is but just so quiet. Do you have a diary I’ll come by and visit :)
Always lovely to follow people's journeys.
I'm on day 7 today, and apart from the unbearable heat overnight it's going great thank you. My diary is old and pretty moany so probably not a great read!
The struggle is real right now, got back from Dubai last night and getting straight back into this. I go away in august so need to get my head back In the game, already my mind is playing tricks that I’m hungry 😩😩😩

Day 1 precious get your self together hun 😆
Good evening diary

I’m really failing at this massively - I just cannot get my head motivated. Sooo I’ve decided I’m going to give it till the end of this month to get into exante (I really hope I can) if not I’ll be looking at slimming world or something. Life is a bit chaotic right now with work and just personal life 😢 but I’m so so wanting this too.

Hopefully I’ll be back once I’m In the zone - I wish everyone on this journey all the best.