My Mission to lose the baby weight

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    Hi, not new to slimfast but new to this thread. I was previously on weight watchers but that's not been going so well. I had my beautiful daughter over a year ago and since then my weight has just been creeping up. I really want to lose the weight and felt slim fast is what I needed to kick start myself. My plan is to do slim fast for at least 2 weeks and then move on to calorie counting. I am very active and work out 6 days a week doing kettlebell workouts, but even with this the scales haven't budged. Really hoping to see some results with slim fast. Ideally I would love to lose 20lbs before the end of may as I am going on a family holiday but in the long term I want to get down to at least 10 stone to be healthy fit my little girl and to be healthy for planning baby number 2. Sorry but of an essay. Today was a bit of a blip. Started of with my slim fast shake but then spent the day out with mother in law and she took us to Toby carvery. I decided that lunch would be my big meal, I've worked it out at 800 calories to be on the safe side, I made sure to eat very slowly and ended up putting what I didn't eat on my husband's plate. I also split my meal with my little girl. Dinner was a small 200 cal leftover meal I had made and potioned out then put in the freezer. I'm hoping tomorrow is a much better day. Ifn you haven't got bored and are still reading this thank you, I will be sure to update as regularly as I can. :) Sorry i posted this in another part of the slim fast forum too.
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    Good morning Slim fasters, started today off with my chocolate shake. Working from 9 till 1 today plan on having a snack pack of Apple's and grapes at around 10.30 or 11. Shake for lunch and then taking little miss to visit her potential play school. Hope everyone else is having a good day today. :)

    edit: also had a tesco mini salami sausage for 47 cals at about mid day, had my lunch at 1.30. Dinner is currently cooking away. Lovely home made bolagnaise with fusili pasta that I have worked out as 498 calories. I have also had a mini chocolate bar at 80 cals so far. Doin gmy kettlebells exercise dvd tonight too :)
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  4. Tispy

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    Good Morning

    Today I have had;
    breakfast-slimfast chocolate shake 230 cals
    snack-sliced apples 35 cals
    later i will have

    lunch- slimfast chocolate shake 230 cals
    snack- weightwatchers vanilla yougurt 54 cals
    dinner- leftover bolagnaise 325 cals with cous cous 188 cals
    I will be doing a 50 minute kettlebell workout tonight which burns 799 calories woohoo :)
    after my workout i will be having half a bottle of vanilla protien shake 133 cals

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