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My mix a mousse hasn't set

If you use more water than it says on the pack are you supposed to add more scoops?Or can you only do it with 150ml of water?*sigh* It's come out like a slightly thicker tetra but that's it...can I rescue it and turn it into a mousse or do I just have to drink it as it is?
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I would have thought that you need to use the stated amount of water. It's just a thickener (gelatine) I think (I haven't used it yet) so the more water the less thick it will be...
I bought mixamousse for the first time yesterday, oh my goodness, how did I ever live without it.... today I used a packet of mint choc shake, and mixed 1 scoop of mixamousse with it, I then added 300ml of very cold water from the fridge and mine set, not as solidly as yesterdays where I only used 180ml of water and half a packet of shake, but it was actually a much better consistency, still springy but not solid iykwim... maybe it is in the mixing, I hand blended mine for about 1 minute and a half before pouring into 2 ramekins...


you should only use one scoop as its one serving per day and a scoop is a serving?

I always used the standard water as suggested on the back, otherwise it was like blobby angel delight and I couldn't bear it.


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Advice from my CDC is mix the mousse powder and shake in a bag and give it a really good shake. Use 150ml cold water from the fridge (not tap) and it sets in about 10 mins when you put it in the fridge. I've had two this week and they do make a nice change.


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I adore mix a mousse. Unfortunately I am keeping off it for a week to see if it increases my loss.

1. Put the CD in a bowl (or whatever you are making it in)
2. Add one scoop of m-a-m
3. Mix it up well. Make sure the two powders are well mixed together
4. Add about 250ml of cold water
5. Blitz with the blender for about 2 mins
6. Put in the fridge
7. I chill mine for about 10-15 mins becasue I like an angel delight consistency. If you prefer a more 'spongy' effect, leave it for about 30 mins.

Voila (sp) - a perfect mousse :)
Ah well that'll explain it then-I used 400ml of water LOL.It was like runny angel delight-no lumps thankfully.I'll try less water tomorrow :)

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