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My new babies OT


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aaahhh meow what are their names


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Ohhh they are so so so CUTE..

What fab names Rocky & Pebbles.

I have two cats (Mother & Son) and would love a kitten but OH says NO... Spoil sport!
OMG they are soooo cute, been to my sisters today and her cat has 4 kittens shes a bengal but mated with i dont know what and the kittens are stripey and spotty but totally gorgeous. Wish I could have one but my dog is terrified of cats big wimp!xxx


WILL be Slim!
they are lovely hun!! how old are they???
Oh Tilly they are just gorgeous!:D
They are 6.5 weeks and very cute.
Yep Rocky and pebbles!

I have an older cat too who at present is sulking and watching from a distance!



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Oh my gosh, you do realise that those eyes now have you in their power and you'll give in to their every demand, don't you?! lol

They're gorgeous Tilly. And what a wonderful distraction from munching - they'll be fab entertainment!

Thelma x
They're beautiful Tilly. Takes me back to having 2 of mine as kittens. Raising 2 is easier than 1 as they play together.
Great choice of names! Am sure they'll be very happy in their new home!!!
Awww how beautiful are they.....

I have 5 kittens here at the moment as my cat had kittens 9 weeks ago, (we have lots of kittens here as we have lots of catsbut really they are not old enough to leave their mother until between 10 and 12 weeks, mine are still feeding from mum.... they do seem very young.... did you buy them from a pet shop as they always want young kittens if they can get them because they sell better the younger they are.... just keep a close eye on them as they are not really old enough to be weaned from mum yet, although they should be eating and drinking on their own....

They are eating ok.. I did actually speak to the vet before I picked them (arranged a date for their vacinations) up and they told me after 6 weeks was fine as long as they were eating and drinking well.
They have been munching today, am giving them small amounts 5 x a day as he told me :)
Must admit even the one I got from the CPL 7 yrs ago, was only 7 weeks old.
You must be very busy with all of yours :)
Glad they are feeding okay, I have 6 adult cats and the 5 kittens, not sure if I will keep them all yet, they are so cute and I dont think I can part with them.... and they eat and drink soooo much, they ventured out to the dogs water bowl today as theirs had run dry and I hadn't noticed as we are decorating (yes one little kitten jumped feet first in my tray of lilac paint yesterday morning and had to be thoroughly wiped down), cant believe how quickly they fill their litter tray either, although I guess I shouldn't be surprised the amount they eat... lol

Enjoy them Tilly, cats can be such loving companions...
very envious they are gorgeous! have fun
I'm not a cat lover either, but they are so cute!

Strangely enough I bought 2 bunny rabbits today! Pixie and Poppy :) Will get some pics tomorrow! xx
They are so cute I could just eat them! What a funny saying that is, but oh well :)

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