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My new found addiction..

I was just reading my Week 2 chapter in the LL book.

I never ever thought that I was addicted to food until now. Yes, I love a good meal. And yes, I comfort myself with good. Again, I treat myself by eating in the good AND bad times. This cycle has to end. And it ended 6th Feb 07.

I never, in a million years, thought that I had an addiction. maybe for cigs?! But today, I have realised that I was a junkie for food.

So I am taking this new-found addiction as if it was any other kind of 'normal' addiction and just trying to pressure myself in saying that food (the kind I eat) is bad for me.

Trying to embrace this new way of life - it is hard...but I'm trying. Apologies for those who got bored already! :eek:

I, Jenna, am a Food Addict who is GOING to change.
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Yep, the first thing in solving a problem is admitting that you have one! Very sensible and not at all boring ! I think I was one for saying "I don't each much" and "I am a vegetarian so I know I am eating properly". I kidded myself with all kinds of chatterbox rubbish but I was a food addict !


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I must admit, I'm a food addict too:eek: I love the feel of it in my mouth:eek:

Not so bad these days. Have defeated most demons. Unfortunately, I have developed another rather embarrassing addiction :(
Oh Im intregued ...what new addiction Karion! Well done Jenna, admitting the problems is the most importan bit to recovery so onwards & upwards (or downwards as the case may be!)

I have not got my book for week 2 yet but that sounds so like me! I was having exactly this conversation with my H2B yesterday and food played a big part in our socialising so as it is not going to be a easy for the next 97 days (not counting or anything) we are going to make different choices in what we do both together and apart!!

Day 3 today - stinking headache by the end of yesterday and my chocolate muffin was a disaster but the mushroom soup was fine!!

Today is a new day in my slimmer life!!

Go on tell Karion what is your addiction?


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If you are addicted to cigarettes or have problems with drinking or drugs then stopping altogether is an option, but not so with food because you have to eat. This is why LL or Cambridge works, it is taking all the extra food out!


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Yep there are food addicts here - I too am one - though my behaviour is changing. Well done on facing up to your demons - that is more than half the battle.

I had an interesting chat with my hubby the other day - he said that one of the reasons he loves me being on LL and that I've reassessed my relationship with food is that when we used to go out for the day the morning was spent worrying about where we'd go and what we'd have for lunch rather than enjoying the day and then at tea time I'd be thinknig about dinner. See food addict! That has stopped now and we really do enjoy the day! Although it never occurred to me that was what I was like he is right. Eureka.


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Go on tell Karion what is your addiction?
It's so embarrassing I can't say:eek: Strange that I can talk about addition, binging etc, but can't bring myself to tell you this one:eek:

I will do though, once I get this crappy day out of the way.

I think many of us who have had, or still have food problems have addictive personalities.

I get hooked onto all sorts of things...even the gym:eek: but it's nearly always things that aren't good for me. Wonder why that is:confused:
the plot thickens! I read on a blog somewhere that people who are overweight ofte have attachment problems (ie that they experiened some trauma when young which leads to insecurities/behaviurs that are outside the norm) & it wouldnt surprise me. I suspect its true & know in my case that much of my eating will go back to childhood events but it feels so good to be at the place where I feel safe to tackle it. Wish I could get addcited to the gym - mine have been crafting, work and currently doing this! Would be nice to get a balance in things rather than all or nothing! The all or nothing is exhausting!
Look forward to finding out what the addiction is! Hope you got through the day ok! How you doing Jenna?

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