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My OH joining CD tomorrow.

He been doing it unofficially at home with me this week. But he see's my CDC with me tomorrow at my WI.

We both want to be a 30 bmi by the time i go back to fertility I reckon she will say he needs to lose about 2 stone.
I know this works and he has seen it working for me so we can achieve this by end of feb.

I wish him all the best.
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Slimming down the aisle
So do I, good luck Mr Parisbeach!
Good on him - I can imagine it would be really good to be able to support each other through this.
when i have had tough times on CD he has been there for me. but now with him doing it, he realised how tough it was for me the first few days. Until hitting ketosis. I will keep you posted how he gets along.
I know what you mean Parisbeach. My OH is also starting once he gets his form signed in the next week or so. (well depends on the appt lottery...) He wants to lose a large amount like me too. It helps when you have your own personal support service :)


Why Be Normal?
Hey PB,

When my sister-in-law had fertility problems they told her husband to lose weight, stop drinking and wear loser pants. It worked.

Being overweight can affect the motility and mobility of sperm.

Good Luck to you both.

Thank you all girls. well just waiting to have his form signed so he starts truly next week.

We are all fired up.
well it him been nagging me and keeping me on track when i started not letting me sabotage all the good work, so i can only return the favour to him.
Hi PB,

Congrats on getting your OH to sign on. And good luck to you both. I thnk it could work well to have both of you on the same page. My DH needs to drop about 2 stone -- but he won't do a diet like this one. However, he has great self-control and can take off weight by doing things like the SB diet.

So, once I am at goal and maintaining that is probably where I will move to diet-wise for maintaining. The Phase 3 SB -- which I will do the steps up to -- is really just a balanced diet for life. Lower in fats, and processed foods -- basically a healthier diet.

Thus, my DH will probably be doing the South Beach Diet by the end of February, and then he'll lose weight too. (Unless he cheats while he'e at work. LOL)


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