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My Online Tracker..

Evening everyone

Yes decided to track my progress here, and put £5.00 away a week instead of giving it to weight watchers meetings!
So today I have ate so far..

Breakfast - Smoothie - 3.5 pts
Lunch - Sandwich with peanut butter - 3 pts, Quavers - 1.5 pts
Dinner - Chicken salad with cous cous - 3.5pts
Snacks - Discos - 2.5 pts, Biscuit - 2.5
Total - 16.5 pts.
God that looks depressing for having eaten today! but I suppose its all for a good cause.
Weighed myself today on the wii fit, I am 12stone 3! hopefully I'll be down to under 10 stone by May!
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I shall now add 2 quality streets to that, haha now 18.5
weight 12 stone 3 :(
but will try not to think about that right now..
must stop thinking of quality street tin sitting in cupboard at work..
Day 2 :)
Breakfast - Toast and peanut butter - 3pts
Lunch - Roll and low fat spreading cheese - 3 pts
Dinner - McDonalds Medium Chicken Nugget Meal - 9pts
Snacks - Quavers - 1.5pts, Small Orange 0.5pts & Chocolate Biscuit - 2.5pts
Total Today: 19.5 pts :)

Exercise - Booked in for Spinning tonight, wish me luck!
30 mins of high intensity - give it 2 pts? What you think?
I watch The Big Fat Diet Show as well! It's really interesting and shocking in a way.

Are you sure you're using enough points? Anyway, good luck with losing weight! I am sure you will achieve your goal by May :]

xo, Beth
Never went to spinning :( was too cold but definately going to boxing tomorrow, yes I will!
I'm at my mum's, its her birthday she's putting out a buffae and cake! HELP!
Day 3
Breakfast - Toast and Jam - 3pts.
Lunch - Chicken Caesar Salad - 10pts.
So far total today: 13 pts :) 7 left.
Went to the gym for an hour to a body conditioning class, so gonna class that as about 3 bonus pts!
Day 4 :)
Breakfast - Roll with bacon - 7 pts
Lunch - Chicken Salad - 3 pts
Dinner - Chicken Pasta Bake - 5.5 pts
Snacks - Crisps - 1.5 + 2 biscuits - 2pts
Total - 19 pts :)

Exercise - Went to a boxing class this morning for an hour, my god it killed me, very sore now! have counted this as about 3 bonus pts.

Weighed myself and I am now 11st 13lbs. So I've lost 4lbs :)
Day 6

Breakfast - Toast & a Smoothie - 5.5 pts
Lunch - Cereal Bar - 2.5pts & Monster Munch - 1.5pts
Dinner - Soup - 1.5pts
Total so far = 11pts :O need to eat a bit more will add more later lol
Day 7

Breakfast - Toast :) 3 pts
Lunch - Soup 1.5 + Crisps 3 pts
Dinner - Chicken curry 5pts
Snacks - Toffee Bar 3.5 + Crisps 1.5

Total 18 :D

Did Zumba class last night and doing a body conditioning class tonight :D current weight 11st 13lbs
Weight loss this week - 4lbs!
You are doing great!!!!! And you are doing sooo much exercise! I'm well impressed!
We are the same weight! I started at 12st4lbs and lost 5lbs the 1st week and I now weigh 11st13lbs just like you!
Goodluck for this weeks weightloss!
Love Vicky x
Havent updated this but I have been sticking to my points and I am now 11st 12lbs! Cookies n Cream we should be buddies and try and keep eachother encourged! go you for doing so well and a big weight loss 1st week.
This week I also did Body conditioning and a boxing class :)
and back to boxing tomorrow!
Day 11 :D

Ok so far today I have ate :)

Breakfast - Cereal - 3pts
Lunch - Sandwich with lowfat spread - 3pts
Snacks - Chocolate and crisps - 4.5 pts
Dinner - McDonalds - 9 pts

Total points today - 20 pts :D

Did a combat class today as well so I'm still on track :D lost 5lbs in total this week
Day 12 :)

Breakfast - Cereal - 3pts
Lunch - Cheese and Ham Toastie - 7pts
Dinner - Piri Piri Chicken - 6.5 pts :)

Total points - 16.5

Did a body conditioning class as well :)
Day 13 cont..

I had a packet of quavers and a cereal bar for lunch cause I was on the go! quavers - 1.5pts and cereal bar - 2.5 pts
and I just had a weight watchers chicken tikka masala for my tea which was 5.5 pts :) total today: 16 pts :)

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