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Dear oh dear.. back again!

Hello everyone :sigh:

Well its Monday again and I seem to have restarted my diet again, for the past couple of months I seem to get to Thursday and it all goes haywire! by the time Saturday comes I think ah well stuff it I may as well just start again on Monday.. and oh look another Monday is here again.
I haven't put on any weight, I'm still 10 stone 4 luckily enough! so I haven't undone all my hard work but I need to get my bum back in gear and shift this stone :) I'm thinking of going back to weight watchers classes again to give me the motivation :)

So here is my diary of food, exercise and weight loss :)

Breakfast - Weight watchers bread and lowfat peanut butter - 3pts
Lunch - Lowfat sandwich & quavers - 4.5pts
Dinner - Chicken pasta bake - 5.5pts
Snack - Crisps - 3pts :)

Total used today - 16pts

Saved - 2 pts :)
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Welcome back :)
Hi Emma :) thanks for replying! well done on your weight loss so far! how are you finding it?

Well its Day 2 and I am currently sneakily on this while I'm at work lol :) and I have so far managed to stay away from the biscuit tin in the cupboard, its been very hard though, the chocolate digestives are calling to me! Anyway food diary for today :)

B - Toast and peanut butter - 3pts :)
L - Cheese and ham sandwich - 4.5pts & a medium sized banana - 2pts :)
D - Chicken tikka masala - 6.5pts :)
Total for today - 16 pts

Also did Bodypump at the gym this afternoon for 1 hour so I reckon thats earned me about 3 bonus points :) what do you think?

Total saved today - 5 pts :)
Good morning everyone

Thought I better log my food for yesterday before I forget, didn't get a chance to come on yesterday :)

B - Special K and semi skimmed milk - 2.5pts
L - Roll - 3 pts, Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps - 3pts
D - Chicken Caesar Salad - 10 pts

Total - 18.5pts :)

Went over by 0.5pts but I don't think thats too bad, as I was taken out for my dinner by my OH, so I think I made a pretty good choice :)
Will save some points today to make up for it!
Hey omnomnom :)

Yeah you get it from Tesco and Asda, its just their own range but its 25% less fat, its 1.5pts per table spoon :) which covers 2 bits of weight watchers toast for me! I don't notice a difference it tastes exactly the same as the full fat one, only thing is they only do it in smooth I think, never seen it in crunchy and I like crunchy peanut butter :) lol
aww gutting.. i love the crunchy peanut butter too, but i spose you have to sacrifice something for looking good :D

hope you're having a good week Claire :) x
Hey everyone

Well I'm going back to a weight watchers meeting tonight :) need help shifting this last stone so this should do the trick, I'm looking forward to getting my tracker again :) helps me log what I'm eating and my exercise, last time I weighed myself about 2 weeks ago I was 10 stone 4 so hopefully I haven't put on very much more and undone my hard work from before :(
But I shall let you all know how I get on when I return :) going to the gym after it as hopefully my weigh in will motivate me to exercise lol :) hope you're all having a good week

Clairey xx
Hello everyone

Well I weighed in at 10 stone 6 :) so I've still lost 25lbs :) got 20 to lose! didn't go to the gym, ended up staying for the weight watchers meeting to give me some motivation :) given myself a goal of 9 stone :) and given myself till the end of september to get there which is a fair timescale I think :) hope everyone is having a good monday!

B - Special K - 2.5 pts
L - Salad sandwich - 3 pts + Quavers - 1.5pts :)
D - Weightwatchers Chicken Pizza - 5pts :)
S - W/W Carrot Slice - 1 pt & a packet of Monster Munch - 1.5pts :)

Total - 14.5pts :)

Points left over - 3.5pts :)
Evening everyone :)

Well had a good day today, been really motivated and went to the gym this morning, did pilates :) haha cant say it gave me any bonus points but I think it has certainly done some good to my stomach muscles!
Anyways points for today :)

B - Toast - 3pts
L - Ham & Cheese Sandwich - 4.5pts & Quavers - 1.5pts
D - Small bag of chips - 7.5pts

Total - 16.5pts :)

Saved - 1.5pts :)
Afternoon everyone

Well I've hardly eaten anything today cause I'm going out for dinner with the OH tonight so I've kept around 13 points so I can have something like lasagne without worrying too much, cause I checked and that comes in at around 13 points :) so fingers crossed there is lasagne on the menu haha. Anyway hope you're all having a good day :)

B - Toast - 3pts :)
L - 2 Ryvita with 1 triangle of extra light laughing cow - 1.5pts & grapes - 1/2 point
D - Lasagne - 13 pts :)

Total - 18 pts :)
hope lasagne is on the menu for you then :D enjoy your meal x
Hi blackwidow :)
Yes I was like hmm I fancy italian :) so I knew that there definately would be lasagne on the menu lol it was lovely and well worth the 13 points :)

B - Toast - 3pts
L - Chicken sandwich - 3pts & Monster Munch 1.5pts
S - 2 ryvita and laughing cow cheese - 1.5pts
D - Chicken tikka masala :)

Total for today 15.5pts :)
read that wrong and thought your lunch was 2 ryvita.. my stomach growled in pity LOL.

tikka masala sounds lush though :D making it yourself? x
Hi blackwidow :)
Haha no no that was my lunch yesterday though! cause of the huge dinner of 13 points, honestly we were sitting in the restaurant and I was ready for eating the table lol

No not making it myself :( I should maybe start cooking but at the moment it shall be an Asda Be Good To Yourself Chicken Tikka Masala, it is lovely :) and its only 6.5pts and you get a pretty big portion :)
hows your day going so far? are you following weightwatchers too?
sounds good - shall look out for it :)

and yeah, been on WW a loooong time - back on the wagon atm though and hovering about the 2.5st lost mark. I still have another 3.5st to get to healthy weight though!

you should pop into other peoples diaries and say hello if you get chance :) xxx
wow 2.5 stone thats great :) do you go to classes?
yeah I read everyone elses diarys and find them really good :) but I should probably starting posting replies to people :) lol

and I need to change my points consumption today, it is now 16.5pts, never had the chicken tikka masala went for a bag of chips after the gym lol :) but its still within my points :)

Hope everyones had a good day :) xx
Hello everyone :)

Well I'm off work today so I went to the beach body work out class this morning and oh my days, I think I must have lost about half a stone haha have never worked so hard in my life :) but I'm sure it'll all be worth it, I also went to Body Attack last night so saved myself some points :) Anyways hope you're all having a great day :)

B - Toast - 3pts
L - Chicken Caesar Salad - 3.5 pts & Crisps 2 pts
D - McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and Chips - 9.5pts :)

Total - 18pts :)
Decided to treat myself to a Mcdonalds.. since its Friday lol :)
look at you with your exercise classes..

whats the beach body workout? i want a beach body :p

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