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My own VLCD


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm aiming for between 800-1000 cals per day.

2.5 pints of semi skimmed milk per day, broken down into 3 half pints plus a pint for teas/coffees.

chicken or fish with some cous cous/rice/pasta and lots of veg for an evening meal.

1x berocca per day.

lots of water with NAS squash.

does this sound ok? :confused:
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Not sure its going to have all the nutrients you need in it. Have you heard about Exante? You could have 3 shakes a day that are nutritionally complete plus a high protein meal. Come have a look at the exante board


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i'm a bit 'iffy' about buying in shakes/soups etc.. as i get a bit funny about what's in my food and tend not to eat much processed stuff.

i just did a bit of tweaking and replaced 2.5 pints semi skimmed for 3 pints skimmed. this following is for 3 pints skimmed milk, 1 large chicken breast, 25g cous cous (dry weight), 150g mushrooms, 100g shredded lettuce -

Calories (kcal) - 982
Protein (g) - 121.3
Carbohydrate (g) - 105.5
Fat (g) - 8.2
Fibre (g) - 2.9
Fruit & Veg - 2.8

the only two things i can see that need working on really are the fruit and veg count and the fibre. might buy some fybogel in though, i wonder if that would be sufficient? plus i'll be taking 1 berocca per day which has a huge amount of vits and minerals in... i'm going to try this for a few days and keep logging my food etc and see how i feel i think xx
You will have strong bones at least! lol Give it a try, you will def lose weight on it :D

You could try the high protein diet root, as on this with the carb content, I can you might be hungry. You could swap to soya milk, and cut out the pasta and other carb


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
actually that's not a bad idea. i might try this for a week and see how i go, and then maybe cut down to 1 pint of milk rather than 3, cut out the cous cous/pasta, and add another light meal of protein. thanks! ;) xx
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I think you may have trouble due to the carb content, as your around the 100g mark and depending on your metabloism it could be high enough to keep you out of ketosis, and eating so little for a prolonged period would be extremely difficult if not impossible without ketosis.

Also your looking at almost 1000 calories a day, when the highest VLCD comes in at 600, so in my opinion it would be better to calorie count/SW/WW/Atkins instead as for a slightly higher amount of calories you could eat normally!

I would look into exante as all the products are made with the minimum processing (check website ffor details), and you can get all you need for £25 a week.


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks hun.. yeah i think i might actually try low carb rather than vlcd, as at almost 100 cals a day, it's not a vlcd, it's just a lcd!

just had another tweak of things lol.. and if i reduce the milk to 1 pint a day, and have 2 meals of fish/chicken/veg i can still be well under 1000 cals, and also under 50g carbs.

thanks for the advice :) xx
Personally, I think you will find this impossible to sustain and it will likely make you unwell. No offence, I can see that you want to lose weight and fast, but there are far healthier ways to do it than by effectively starving yourself.

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