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Extra Easy My pain of a husband!!!


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Kick him, pour honey and yog over him and work out the syn value for a profiterole and if you have enough syns left- STEAL ONE! :)


Now to maintain.....
but just think how smug and proud you will be when you are a sexy slinky wife and he realises how he is stuffing himself in the opposite way and asks for your help :)


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if you're good with a needle, take in his favourite trousers / jeans a bit and then when he says they are getting tight just pat his belly and say "well, if you will scoff a whole box of profiterols in one go what do you expect, tubby...."


I don't see what the rant is all about. SW is all about you. Not your partner, your kids, your parents...
There will always be someone around stuffing their faces with food you cannot justify eating if you want to get to target. I assume it was you finishing the same chocolate box by yourself before SW and we know exactly where this path leads.
You need to move on... ever since taking the SW diet I decided that some things are gone for good. I can have a happy life without chocolate or full fat fish & chips and that's it.
You must believe that you can pass next to a room full of chocolate and ignore it. Otherwise you lost the game...
Before SW I couldn't finish lunch without a mars bar. Now I cannot imagine tasting one.
It is nice to get other people around you eating healthy but the battle is always within yourself.
SW at least gives loads of super free alternatives - use them!
It is all in your set of mind.

Don't get even.. get thin!



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Coljack your so funny!!!!

I will do just that. Funny thing is. He had the cheek at weekend to tell me I'd shrunk his sweater!!!
I laughed so hard and made him get on the scales- he's near 18 stone! And was just less than 17 stone at the begining of november!

Cheeky sod!!!! Lol !!!!


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I know abermans! He just made me laugh!
I can resist!
I love my grub.
Never been above 10.5 stone so only have a bit to lose and maintain.
It's just he made me laugh and thought I'd share it!!!!!

I'll get him back - always do!!!!!!!!