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my partner...a little help please.

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
my partner has decided to do the SW plan, the reason being change of job from active manual labour to sitting down in a car driving all day. At tea times we will both eat the same so that’s not a problem but what about dinners? Currently taking sandwiches, crisps, apple but of course that racks up the syns. My partner only likes apples and considers all other fruit to be ‘tree poo’. Things like cous cous cake are out of the question and with no set dinner time and no possibilities of heating up food has anyone got any ideas of what I can send my Monkey to work with?
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Salads with pasta
Salad with cold meat
Wholemeal roll filled with free foods & quavers
Hard boiled eggs
Flask of home made soup
Laughing cow lites

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
he is a big boy (not really over fat but he wants to do SW now he is not as active so he doesnt get fat) and isnt used to not eating loads, he wont eat cold pasta or rice and a salad wouldnt really fill him enough at this early stage of SW to make him want to carry on doing it, also its got to be something he can eat in the car while on the move.

hard bolied eggs are a good suggestion though, i may chuck a couple of those i the box

are quavers better than walkers then?


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Sandwiches are fine. He can have an apple and then syns with the crisps. He'll just need to make sure his breakfasts and lunches are free!

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
Sandwiches are fine. He can have an apple and then syns with the crisps. He'll just need to make sure his breakfasts and lunches are free!
yea the crips are 9 syns but the problem is he has 5 syns of breakfast 28g of frosties as its a brand new box and cant be wasted (also this is what he wants). so i know the syns should never really go above 15 as our teas are normally free but this is only his first day and i dont want him to get bored with it, thats why any suggestions would be great.

unfortunatly, if he wants to do this he has to be willing to change his attitude to food, if he will only eat certain things and wont make a commitment to trying new fruit or salad etc or eating cold dishes then maybe this isnt for him. one thing ive been told that really sticks is theres no change without change, we have all made changes in our diets, big and small in this journey so he will have to give it his best shot and do the same if he wants to get anywhere with sw.
Can your husband buy his lunch as Baked Potatoes and beans are great on a green day.
I often make a type of spanish omelette with eggs, onions, pepper and potato and take that in the car with some salad.
Muller light and fat free cottage cheese work well for me as does cold pasta salad
Does he have access to a kettle as the Ainsley Harriot meals in minutes spicy pasta is free on green and perfectly ok (I like a splash of tabasco in mine)


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Hi MB,

Not sure about SW foods but these may or may not help.

Muesli and a tub of yoghurt.

Stick salad, carrot stick, celery sticks, olives, cherry toms, crackers cheese and boiled egg (he might be surprised at how long this takes him to eat and therefore becomes full easier.

Apple, cheese sandwich (again I dont know it this is allowed), muesli bar and coffee.

Tin of tuna and diced carrot, celery, cheese and sweet chilli sauce (a little) with crackers.


monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
no he is a District heating manager for British Gas and literally spends all day driving up and down the motorway to peoples houses, he is very very busy and doesnt get an actual dinner time so no stoping to buy or kettles im afraid.

i was thinking of making him some kind of quiche or omelette to take and someone also suggested boiled eggs....ha ha he will be egg bound by the end of it ha ha


is going to loose!
Good idea, can he take a cold bag with him in the car?

Fruit salad, yoghurt and muesli?


monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
i dont think we are allowed muesli....but not sure, i will look it up later.

im sure i will get there in the end, its alright him saying he wants to do it but its me that has to make the food lol


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How about soup in a flask? Homemade freebie ones or syn tinned ones. Cold chicken on a red day - all men like a bit of breast surely!! A pack of ham with hard boiled eggs, with cherry toms? Pickled onions with 'A' choice of cheese and apple and B choice wholemeal roll. I will have another think about 'manly' food and get back to you if I think of more ideas....
Would he eat tortilla or fajita wraps or whatever there called

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
ha ha thank you Lindam. i will def make him ham and pickled onions, he likes those. hates tomatoes though.

Sarah- i always thought the wrap things were full of syns? im often wrong though
I do chicken lettuce and tesco sweetcorn relish ( low fat tasty and 21 cals per tablesspoon)
So shouldnt be too bad not sure how many syns though
Sound like a tv advert lol


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Yes I read on one of the threads that the actual wrap is heavy on syns.. will try to find it.

Ryvita minis are a good packed lunch item.. with babybels as they are easy to open.

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