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my partner

my boyfriend has had loads of my shakes and bars :(
yesterday i noticed my stash has gone down loads (i bought 4 weeks worth in 1 go as my cdc was on holiday, then i was away) i counted through them and 4 days worth have gone.
i asked my partner if hes knows where they are, and he said hes been taking them to work to have for lunch
im in london and cant get to my cdc, and even if i could get to her, i cant actually afford to buy another load as scrimping for holiday.
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Selfish boy!

What about ordering a weeks worth of exante from the internet? I know its not CD and it works out at £36, but if you need 4 packs a day thats (16 * £1.95 average say thats £32 anyway). I know you are scrimping, but you have to weigh up what is more important to you in the long term. Take it out of your BF's spending money

Sorry to hear of this though, its hard enough as it is at times without him making it harder. Kick him in the bojangles.
I'm not surprised you're annoyed! Is there another CDC a bit closer to you who you could get an emergency supply from-or contact your CDC and get her to send you some in the post? Then make him pay (big time;)) If you manage to get some more then lock them away or hide them away from his thieving hands. Shame on him!
That is awful! I would go mad luckily my husband is suportive and wouldnt do that! Couldnt he pack sandwiches for lunch??

Maybe in mean time you could phone your cdc if she is back from her hols and see what she advises. Maybe having the evening meal as in your cd book and having a morning and lunch shake to ge you thro.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Its so bloody annoying,i feel your pain!!Mine used to nick my tetras til I blew my stack,I couldnt say to him do you know how much they are cos I tell him i only pay 20 quid a week for my stuff!!
awww babes that is so bad of him! but is he actually wanting to go on the CD with you? Wouldn't that be a good thing? Is he overweight?

Or is he using them in a body builders protein shake kinda way? Which they aren't really meant for....

Tell him you want 3packs a [email protected] x 4 days = £20.40 off him and try to source a nearby CDC for emergency supplies...

interesting point though, i dunno if i could stretch to buying more than a week at a time when my CDC goes on holiday.... hmmmmmn! must've cost a bomb to buy 4 weeks at once!!

andju - i tell my bloke they cost about £25 a week too!!!


Skinny girl in a fat body
I hate that. My daughter did the same to me. My bars were going missing and a few tetras had gone (she probably would have taken the shakes too if she could have been bothered to make them :) )I found the packaging under her bed. They can have ANYTHING they want, but no .......... they always want what you've got !!!!!!
awww babes that is so bad of him! but is he actually wanting to go on the CD with you? Wouldn't that be a good thing? Is he overweight?
Hmm I was wondering that too - after all they're quite boldly packaged, wouldn't have thought you'd want to flash them about really!

I also wondered how your partner felt about you losing weight. If like me you've said 20,000 times you're going to lose weight and never actually have done, whereas on this diet the weight does come off. Maybe he's now thinking yup you're actually doing it and feeling a little insecure about if when you're slim & fab you're going to trade him in for a younger/slimmer model?

Then again he could just be a selfish watsit!

Congratulations on the weight loss to date & have a fabulous holiday x
i've got to say, they wouldn't be something i would elect to have if i wasn't doing the diet for serious reasons... if you know what i mean!

They're not that tasty!!!
I'm still laughing at 'kick him in the bojangles!' lolololol xx


And so she should!

I know the times I've near been in tears when I've came back into the room and hubby has had a SIP, and I mean a very small sip for taste and I've been all "Thats ALL I've got. I've made you a lovely dinner. And you eat my shake..."
"It was just a taste"
"It WASN'T. It was theft and treachery. YOU DON'T LOVE ME!"
"But nothing....*wail*"

and thats just a sip. The poor man would be in fear of his life if he actually ate 4 days worth.


can see the end in sight!
defo get the cash off him. i tell my fell its £25 a week, but its nearly double that cos i'm so tall. he is wondering why i'm so skint all the time!!


always struggling
Im with furrysmudge ... kick him in the goolies :eek: x
he was talking about doing the cd, his bmi is 25 so he isn't overweight.
but what i dont understand is he hates any diets or diet clubs, he thinks fat people just need to eat a bit less and walk more and it'll all be fine, he cant get his stupid head around the fact everyone wouldn't find it so easy.
ive not really made him sound very nice have i? he isnt quite as rude as ive made out, he words it differently, but it all amounts to the same thing :)
anyway, ive told him hes paying for a week for me, and im going to contact a local cdc here and see what they can do


Mummy of 2!
how annoying! glad he is going to pay for a week for you:)

i hate it when my OH does things like that. he doesnt touch my CD stuff but he does help himself to stuff - like he'll eat the baby's choccy buttons or when i was on weightwatchers i had a load of the cake bar things and he ate LOADS even though he could of eaten absolutely anything else that he wanted. so annoying


Worse than kids, they don't want to feel left out.

Good you got it resolved though!


always struggling
Good luck lexydog and I hope you find a CDC near you soon so you can get sorted. As for your hubby - mine is the same he thinks if you just cut down and go to the gym 5 times a week etc basically put the work in as he says :sigh: you wont be fat!! Men have not got a clue. Keep motivated and you can do it x

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