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My Path to a Slim & Sexy Summer

Hi everyone, before I start, apologies for any mistakes in posting as I've never used a site like this before :confused: !

Well, I'm Jo, I'm a single Mum to 2 gorgeous boys. Due to an unbelievably horrible couple of years, I'm now finding myself unemployed, dumped and feeling like a roly poly. So it's definately time to rectify all three of these situations!!

This will be my first time on the Cambridge diet, but i have done Lighter life a couple of times, had amazing success the first time with an excellent counseller. Second and 3rd times I didn't find the counsellers supportive at all, and fell off the wagon very quickly.

I've got quite a few LL sachets left from my last 2 attempts, so I won't be officially joining CD until they are used up. (I can't wait really though, coz I feel I need the support)

I started yesterday 100% SS (I think its called!!) and my plan is to continue this for the twelve weeks, and also again after the week where u need to up ur intake, until I'm at goal. That's the plan anyway!! Just have to keep reminding myself that as I've done it before I can do it again.

I've read quite a lot of threads on this site and think its going to be invaluable to me in staying on the straight and narrow!!

Lots of you have already helped me get through today, just from reading the threads. Thanku Muchly and I look forward to getting to know you xxx

Well, as I'm currently on day 2, I have the awful migrainey headache and constant food thoughts. So I hope tomorro will be better :)
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Hey Joanne,
Good luck with your journey! I'm sure you will reach your goal in no time!! All the girls are very nice and extremely helpful and supportive!
Once you get into ketosis the headaches should disappear xxx
Good luck to you, it's my second time on cambridge, it really worked for me the first time, it was my fault I didn't keep it up. I always find you feel better after the third day xxx
Hope I'm replying properly here!!

Thanks girls, I think the support and ideas on here are going to far outweigh what LL offer, and that was my biggest fear; no group support, etc.
I've popped a couple of paracetamol and already the headaches gone, so I'm a happy happy bunny right now!!
How do you add your goals at the bottom, think it'll be a good way of reminding myself!



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I'm not too sure, but it's called a ticker, you go too user CP I think it is, then scroll down until you see edit subject, and then put your goals in a box there and press save! Not to sure if I'm 100% correct there, maybe one of the other girls can help you if I'm wrong? Also I think you might have too have a minimum of 50 posts before you can do that, but again I could be wrong?

As for support, MiniMins is amazing!! I wouldn't be able too do this diet without it! All the ladies are great, especially if your having a down day.
Sorry I couldn't be much help with the goal thing xxx
Thanks Kels, you're completely right, gotta have 50 posts, will just have to stick to writing it down for now and reading it like a mantra!!

Aaaargh!!! snuggled up with my youngest watching a film and he's just pulled out a bag of Haribo's (My absolute fave!) that my mum gave him after school and said were for after his tea... Time for some Porridge and lots more water I think!!


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Just become a serial poster for a while, your posts will start too build up then!! It's easier when you can see your goals! They are constantly in your face that way.

Oh gosh, resist the sweets, I promise the outcome will be worth it! Just imagine lots of dirty hairs tangled up in the food you see, I know it's a rank thought too have, but it works for me! Haha xxx
Yes, I deffo need them in my face!!

I managed to resist the sweets, BUT then I ate chicken & cucumber!! Grrrrr, so mad at myself, but (thanks mainly to reading peoples posts on here) I am not going to beat myself up, and think positively, because usually, it wouldn't stop at a little slip up, it would have descended in2 a full on fat face stuffing binge!!

LOVE your idea of the tangled hair... I can't stand even seeing one round a sink or anything!! Great tip!! Thanku so much xx
Day 3

Wobbly legs and head all over the place, but already a feeling of accomplishment and faith in my ability to reach my goals.

Havn't had a shake yet, just half pint of water and 2 cups of coffee, so must address this situation, as soon as I'm finished writing this. Wow, lightbulb, I very nearly said i'd had my shake! Why the heck do i feel the need to lie to myself!! Breakthru anyway... This diary is about honesty.

Not happy with all this rain, was hoping to clean car out today;
a) Because it REALLY needs it
b) To distract my overthinking mind

Definately smoking too much. Hopefully this will get better when the hunger subsides. When I managed to stick to LL 100% successfully, I also managed to give up smoking. I think the control and sense of self belief helped this massively. I plan to do the same this time.

Living with my parents at the moment (moving in just under 3 weeks thank god!) and my Mum has a nasty bout of flu, so I'm under strict instructions from my Dad to ply her with tea and food all day. Feeling fine about this, as my food cravings are fine throughout the day, it's the evenings I struggle with.

Worried about Saturday night. Its a friends birthday. Lots of us round a big table in a restaurant. No idea what to do foodwise and they are all big drinkers. I'm going to drive, so i can make my excuses for not drinking, but know they're going to find this strange, because i usually avoid the driving at all costs!! Also know they're going to do their best to talk me out of it. Am going to have to say I feel ill if they decide to carry the night on too long, because at this stage of the plan I'm not much fun and find drunk people really annoying!! I know this is my issue, not theirs, so I'm just going to have to be strong and deal with it and think of the great sense of achievement I'll have on Sunday morning :)

I really thought putting all this down in text would be difficult, but so far finding it ok and i know its the only way I'm going to get through the diet and recognise my behaviour issues. So all in all feeling good really :)
Well, made Mummy some real soup, did consider palming her off with one of the truly vile chilli soups I'm forcing myself to get through, but really didn't fancy watching her gag like i do!!

Managed 1.5 ltrs water so far and, the above mentioned, devil soup!!

Stick showing traces of Ketones and so far still managing small number 2's!! Woohoo!!
joanneb22 said:
Yes, I deffo need them in my face!!

I managed to resist the sweets, BUT then I ate chicken & cucumber!! Grrrrr, so mad at myself, but (thanks mainly to reading peoples posts on here) I am not going to beat myself up, and think positively, because usually, it wouldn't stop at a little slip up, it would have descended in2 a full on fat face stuffing binge!!

LOVE your idea of the tangled hair... I can't stand even seeing one round a sink or anything!! Great tip!! Thanku so much xx
Well done on resisting the sweets, that's an amazing step!! You should be very proud of yourself :)
Even though you had some chicken, just turn it into a positive, and look at this way - you stopped at chicken!! Over and done with! Honestly you should be proud!

Haha, the hair thing is hideous, but really works for me xxx
Day 3 Evening

Had all my shakes/soups and about 4.5 ltrs water :)

Busy evening, hardly thought about food, and definately not been tempted to go off plan. Yay!! :D

Even had an extremely brief chat with the ex where he was being a complete **** and didn't get to me at all :D

Keeping busy is definately the key for me.

Busy Busy day tomorrow, only issues will be avoiding food around a couple of friends I'll be seeing, but I think I've timed things perfectly so these should be avoided :)

Hope everyone's had a good day too xxx
Day 4

Feeling Fab today, no headaches, no hunger, but not in proper ketosis yet ??

Have had a sneaky look on the scales, and looking good, but they are rubbish scales, so won't get my hopes up until i weigh on proper scales on Tues.

Survived meeting one of my best mates today, who was going on about cooking me lunch, as I had to go collect a cooker for the new house at lunchtime. Phewww, Excellent timing!! Just one more friend to go, at around teatime, but can get away with saying I grabbed a pasty or something on the way.

Gotta take car to have tyres and exhaust checked pre MOT, got a feeling its gonna be pricey... Lucky I'm in such a good mood!!

Had porridge for brekkie, and got through another of the evil Chilli soups (only 4 more to go). Although, gotta say it really didn't taste as bad today...Probably because my breathe is even ranker than the soup!!

Struggling with the water so far, but am home for an hour now, so will sort that out, and still got a lot of day left.

Only worries are tomorrow night's meal, but cross that bridge when i come to it

Soooooooooo impatient and excited about Tuesday's WI!!!!!!
Aaaargh! Whole family's had flu including me :-(
Lost 6lb in my first week, but not stuck to plan this week, annoyed at myself, but felt so rough I couldn't concentrate on it. Managed to maintain the 6lb loss though , so no harm done. back to the plan from today, will still weigh on Tuesdays. Not looking forward to the next couple of days... Hurry up Ketosis!! Hope everyone's doing well :) x
Hi Jo, how strange , your diary is so similar to mine! I too have had a horrible couple of years, split from my husband and have two young boys. I also tried Lighter life 3 times, did fantastically 1st time, put it all on again and just couldn't stick it 2nd and 3rd time. (I'm also called Jo too!)

Sorry you've been unwell but it's great that it didn't affect your weight loss. I'm on day 9 today and am feeling loads better. Still not as easy as the first time i did a VLCD but my will power is good at the moment, i've had so many temptations thrown in my way over the last 9 days it's untrue :mad:

I'm thinking though that each one will make me stronger and hopefully nearer to dealing with my food issues.

Am also hoping that the new slimmer me that emerges will have the confidence to have my pick of all those single men that are out there (although very well hidden)

Anyway good luck with your journey and for being back on your 1st week of ss again :)

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