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My "photo party" pics ** now added

Lol. But i have been looking at your new clothes pictures, you look wonderful.
ooo, meant to add - had I known she was an "artsy" type photographer, and that this was her style, I would never have worn as dark a shade of lipstick as I did. I have always been self conscious of my lips, never liked them, wish they weren't so dark in these!! Some of the proofs I looked like a mad clown! Must get to grips with photoshop some day!!

And - in case there is any question - I DO have a nose. :D


SB - are we going to see yours up too? ;)
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Woot WOOOO, WOW they are really good, you look amazing I bet your delighted with them!!

You should be so proud of yourself!!
Errrrm BL I hope this comes across the right way but I think you have a really great mouth - it's quite sexy looking. Umm did that sound right?

You and I should start a black trouser brigade. I wear them so often but am determined now that I am thinner (thinner - me yes really!) that I'll start wearing more skirts and different coloured trousers.
:giggle: Thanks LS. I just always was self conscious cause my lips seemed so big - even more so now that my face is smaller! lol Got nothing on Angelina (thank god) lol - but still - we all have something we don't like. But I am glad you do! :D And it sounded fine. :)

I used to wear only black of course - and lately wear it less and less - but I really loved these black trousers I got from matalan - they are very flattering and lvoely comfy care free fabric. I want to go back to see if they have other colours too.

But, I do love black. So will continue to wear it as well! If it ain't broke - don't fix it! :D
The pictures are lovely(even if you dont have a nice)Leave the lips they are pukka(mwahhh) I bet your man thinks they are sooo kissable.

Welldone. As for black trousers i love them, and when i am thinner i wll continue to wear black trousers as i will look better in them.
I have just viewed your before photos and I have to say you have done extermely well you are totally unrecognisable from the before photos...you look amazing hun well done...xx
Absolutely beautiful!! Now all that's left is for us to see you on the cover of the next LL magazine!!!

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