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My pledge to myself


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I've dieted once before, and lost about 18lb then fell pregnant with my 2nd child. I dieted for another month or two and I couldn't keep it up with the pregnancy cravings.
back then I was 15 stone and over the last 8 years have piled on another 3.
I'm so ready to turn it all around and aim to go back to a sensible weight.
My reasons?
My health, showing my kids to be healthier and not to let things slide as I have done.
Making me feel more confidant.
Being able to walk into a shop and buy clothing off the shelf.
Looking in the mirror and seeing who I should be instead of this person who is overweight and unhealthy looking.
I've been on WW pro points for a month now and lost the first stone, I still have about 6 to go to my final goal weight but I figure if i keep going and take it a week at a time, I will be there before I know it.
I want to be a good role model for my daughter. I read one of her friends facebook conversations the other day (with one of their friends, not my daughter) and they were obsessing with being fat. I nearly cried, 11 years old and not an ounce of fat on her. How can I show my daughter what is a comfortable and healthy weight to be at when I'm not there myself?
I'm ready to walk beside you guys and gals, and hoping to be inspired as I try to inspire and encourage others.
We CAN do this.

*EDIT Feb 2014*

Another Motivation: I want to do a CBT and get a bike....leathers are too expensive to buy in multiple sizes :D
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Hello and welcome along :)

I can relate to your reasons for changing lifestyles, I can't even look in a mirror from the neck down :sigh: but I'm determined, focused and fed up being ashamed of how I look and feel, so it's got to go!!!!

I've had a few weight losses over the years, the biggest being 5 stone, but I gained it all again and then some! Sick of 'wanting' to feel healthy and look better, so the only person who can do it...is me!

Had a huge reality check last month (see my diary) and I'm on the road to success now, with no stops for a tea break lol.

I look forward to reading your progress, good luck :)


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another 4lb lighter which I'm surprised at.
I've been drinking loads of water. Had my totm this week too and had sick kids and sick me.
Also decided to pack in the smoking too. A simple cold has crippled me again this week and I'm in agony with coughing so much. Has to be done. So its a trip to the smoking cessation class as soon as poss to grab some patches and go for it! Will assign some craving points from my dailies and I hopefully will be fine ;)


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back to chemist on Tuesday ish to pick up patches for quit date 17th March. eeeep.


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thanks, I'm going to need it. Just watch out for me being a crabby cow for a week or two lol


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Just wondering if you have heard of the champix tablets for stopping smoking? My mum who was a very heavy smoker 20+ per day started them last feb and in the space of 1 week she went from over 20 to 2 to nothing and has been smoke free ever since!

She tried the patches before and didnt really like them so maybe worth a think about :)


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I've done it twice on patches. The quitting thing was okay ish, it was the staying off them long term. My stoopid brain thinking i can have just one....bit like a box of choccies really lolz.
If i don't nail it this time on patches I will try the tablet meds.

Having an ok day with the diet tho. Been low points for most the day so I decided to have what the kids were having for tea...
Battered chicken breast nuggets with McCain footballs (potato thinggies) and some ww beans. Was LUSH! And even guilt free as I pointed it all within my daily points :D

Days heading downhill tho, my wee boy is ill, his temps way higher than I'd like it to be so in for a long night me thinks.

Going to leave him watching a dvd on the couch and hopefully fall asleep while I log onto my fav virtual world site, IMVU, for some virtual fun heh.


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Afternoon everyone!

well my boy is still poorly but coping with plenty of calpol and nurofen.

Had a sneak peak on the scales last night and its going in the right direction. Official WI on Wed. Would love to see my stone and a half (3lb) then but if I don't I'm sure I'll be fine :p

Gotta say I'm almost too laid back about dieting. I'm not deviating off the diet at all and not letting it dominate my thinking. I might just win this battle in the long term.

Lets hope the stopping smoking next weeks goes as smoothly ;)

Day of housework and washing ahead, playing major catch up on it all :(. There should be a patch for housework to make you want to do it :D


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well this WI was crappy. STS. Didn't have any slip ups either so I'm a bit grrr about it.
The smoking stops tomorrow. Patches sitting here ready.
Been busy working this week and haven't been able to slack off to come check up on things here. Hope you are all well and I'll try n catch up later. hugs all xx


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has time to post properly...

Have done an asda online, really focused on protein foods this week to try n shake up my diet. We shall see. I was on track this week on scales but its bounced for some stoopid reason.

Tomorrow I am DREADING. Need to prepare some stuff tonight before bed. Going to make some zero point soup so i don't overdo it on the munchies to kill off cravings and have multipacks of snackajacks to hand. Make sure patch is beside my bed to slap on the second i wake up.

I know by next week I'll be more settled but the smoking is a bigger battle than the food for me.

Planning on a busy day cleaning tomorrow, washing carpets where I smoke and washing the curtains etc. Freshen it all up. If its not too freezing the doors and windows will be all open too.

Early night tonight. Prays I will enjoy my first smoke free day in a long time without killing anyone :D


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ok i give up. scales showing a 1lb loss this am from yesterday. will my body please make up its mind. arrrrgh. I'm also giving up mid week weigh ins. Only annoy myself over it.

1st day not smoking. So far I haven't killed anyone. I do keep reaching for a ciggy but forgetting they aren't there. Doh!
Am feeling ratty and restless but I know it goes fairly quickly. I can see my and puppy going on a lot of walks over the next wee while to work out the grrrr-ness.


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day 2 without cigarettes...goes to hide in a cave. diet still on track.


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day 3. hmm. not too bad. Had some extra choc yesterday while watching comic relief. Had to dip into weeklies which I didn't want to do. I'm out tomorrow at the cinema and pizza hut for my daughters birthday and wanted the weeklies for that. Oh well, nevermind.

today is a housework day :/ has to be done unfortunately.


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managed to stay within diet for daughters birthday, only used 5 weeklies too so 30 out of 49 left there to last till wed.

still off the ciggys. not as grumpy which is a bonus.

fed up looking on the scales at my weight bouncing. vows not to look till wed morning.

bedtime now. sooo tired. got driving lesson in the morning first thing so need to be well rested and calm haha.


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had to weigh the puppy this am as she needs worming stuff which meant i had to weight myself (i weigh her in my arms).

Well it got me all pissy so I called up the nicorette peoples to speak to them about gaining weight when quitting. Apparently can be months before it settles down. So some serious thought is needed about weather to continue quitting or take some more weight off to feel more comfortable and then try again.

I'm really not happy about it, I've put on 2lb in 4 days and I've stuck to plan. I don't want to fight to stay on plan every week to see a gain. The really annoying this is I'm feeling pretty level about being off the ciggys, not particularly grumpy or suffering over it. Just the weight loss is suffering badly.

I guess the question is, what to I want more?


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bought ciggys reluctantly. decision made. I HAVE to shift the weight to something I'm comfortable with to let it bounce while I quit again. I always assumed the gain would be from cravings / snacking not chemical changes to the body :cry:
*head ~ beat ~ desk*


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well this week I've been so flat out working I feel like I havent had 2 mins to myself. Had a headache for 2 days straight now due to 15 hours a day on the computer for 7 days straight with the odd bit of cooking and cleaning up inbtween. Love running my own business, just gets a bit much when theres a million and one things to take care of.
Diet has been fine. Got a STS last week so the lbs i put on with the quitting had come back off and im into a new week which atm is showing a 2.5lb loss. will wait till wed before its official :D
Driving lesson this week was interesting. stall city. it will sink in eventually heh.
Kids off school after this week so have lots more to cram in so I can relax with them.
Hope everyone else is doing okay, I will play catch up when I can xx

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