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My poor little doggie has had to go to the vet's


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this morning......

She was 'off' all day yesterday, she didn't eat and more worryingly she wouldn't drink either - but she didn't seem to be in pain and there didn't seem to be any stomach distention or bad doggie breath that you would associate with a poorly dog - so we left her to stay quiet and sleep yesterday.

But, this morning she was no better, so DH took her to the emergency vet - she is only 15 months old and she finished her 2nd 'season' 3 weeks ago, so the vet thinks she maybe experiencing the start of a 'phantom' pregnancy, so he has given her a huge dose of IV antibiotic's and another injection of vitamins and something to help her get her appitite back, and if there is no change she has to go back again tomorrow.

I couldn't eat this morning because I was so worried, but my DH is the opposite so I cooked him his bacon and egg's when he got back from the vet's and Chloe (my dog) has eaten some of the bacon dipped in the yolk of an egg and has helped him drink his mug of tea......thank goodness.

So I do hope she is on the mend - I adore her and would be devastated if anything should happen to her.

Sorry for going on about this, but I just had to talk about it as I was so frightened for her.

Thanks for listening to me my lovely SW friends. X
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Aww poor doggie and you. It's horrible when they're not well as they can't tell you. Hope she's better soon. Hugs to you x

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Awww poor Chloe!!! I hope that she is on the mend for you Hun. Its horrible when our pets are poorly. At least with humans you can get some indication of what is wrong, but pets like to make us worry!!

I hope that you feel a little more re-assured now too Hun.



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Oh bless her! You can't be rational about pets can you? OH said I thought more about the cats than I did about him! (could be true :eek:) Lets hope she perks up quickly!


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It's terrible when pets are ill. No matter how long we've had them or how big or small they are it's still worrying.
Hope she's drinking soon. Let us know.
As 'mummy' to a 12 week old puppy, I can kinda appreciate how you must be feeling, my Millie had her 2nd jag and was microchipped the other day and I was shaking more than her! I'm sure Chloe will be fine and its a good excuse for plenty of cuddles x.
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*hugs* .. phantom pregnancies are awful, especially if not caught early, then they start hoarding toys and can even become agressive.

i know how you feel, my little 10 month old mini dachshund was unwell this week just gone and i couldn't help but post for some comforting words, its awful worrying about them, especially when you can't do anything yourself, can't even give em a paracetemal and hot water bottle and send em to bed! lol :(

I do hope she is feeling brighter soon, starts eating and drinking a bit better.

sending lots of positive thoughts.. xxxx
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Aw I'm so sorry to hear she's under the weather hopefully the vet will have worked a bit of magic on her. Nothing worse than having a poorly pet cause they can't tell you what's wrong and you end up feeling so helpless. Hopefully you can tempt her to a bit more grub and she'll start to perk up x


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Aw Me and my big boy (pictured below ) says get well soon. He too and his brother had prroly tummies as puppies so he says he understands xxxx

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