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My quest to be under 11 stone!!

Hi Everyone
I started back on the packs 2 days ago and it's been hit and miss. Today is the first day that I feel I can totally do it!! I had some packs left so started the diet while I felt I was in "the zone" (even though I've slipped up a couple of times).
My CDC is coming tomorrow for the weigh in and even though I know I'll have gained on her scales I know I've lost 6lbs so I keep thinking if I kept eating and drinking normally the damage would be loads worse.
This morning I weighed in at 13,13.8 so I'm in the 13's and excited for the future! I'm determined to stick to it as I've got so mcny clothes I can't fit into ...... yet! I've also promised myself some skinny jeans when I get to goal. Worried they may not suit my shape, as I have wide hips and could end up looking like a carrot, but a few long tops should hide s multitude of sins lol.
Last time I lost weight was with LL and a bit of cambridge towards the end and u got down to 11,3 and some people thought I looked to skinny!! Think I need to be under the 11 stone barrier psycologically!!

Very excited to see how quick it all comes off! Watching Americas next top model to inspire myself, but I mostly just want to slap them! Oh dear!!

Will keep you posted about weight loss tomorrow
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A'sTM is a horrid show in my opinion! :p I once watched an episode where they slammed one girl for eating chocolate and some people she modeled for called her "fleshy." She was 5'10 and weighed probably 120 pounds! Nothing against you for watching it though!

How tall are you, out of curiosity? Just wondering because if you are taller than about 5'10 I would say that being in the 11's may very well be suitable, but it really is none of my business because it's your body!! *is a nosy git*

I hope things keep going as planned. Good luck to you! :wavey:
Hi there, I've since switched channels I gave up quicker than I thought I would lol! Yes, I noticed that they use the word "curvy" or "fleshy" a bit too free and easy in that show.
I wish I was 5'10 but I'm only 5'7.5 (except when I use those height and weight ratio charts - then I'm 6'2 lol).
Starting to feel peckish now so I'm going to go for a blast on the wii fit - not about to take it to ridiculous lengths and run outside, at least not until I can run a bit further - I don't want some passing motorist to stop and ask if I'm ok lol! I never sweat I just go red and look like I'm about to have a stroke!!!

Not for long though!!

Hope we're all managing ok today
Wahoooo got weighed by CDC today and I'd lost 1lb on her records taking into account my weight 2 weeks ago (I've lost 4lbs in 3 days on mine)
Weight is definitely coming off quickly now!! Have next WI in 9 days so aiming to lose at least 9lbs!!
Just having my 3rd litre of water ....... living the dream!!

I have a feeling I'll be having an early night to avoid the munchies
Well done on your weight loss, I am now in my 2nd week and am really motivated. Hope you lose your 9lbs as ive aimed for a 7lb weight loss this week.
Well..... Had a bit of a dodgy start totm arrived in a blur of cramps and food cravings so (kicking myself) I had one last binge on Thursday. Managed to get all my water down yesterday and ss'd all day. Today has been going really well too - lots of water and ssing!
I'm going out tonight but I'm driving do soda water here I come - my organs will be swimming! I'm absolutely determined to nail it this time - I even went to the supermarket for cleaning products and came back with .......just my cleaning products! Definitely a result this has never happened before as I've always been seduced by the bakery lol

Hope everyone else is having a good day we will ALL conquer this
Much love xxxxx

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