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My Rant for today!!

It's amazing how many people still have the wrong idea about carbs. The 80s have a lot to answer for.

Just point out there are good and bad carbs, and you're eating the good kind. :)
I even get that from my OH who has seen that I lose weight (not in a mean way). I think people are so programmed to think that you can only lose weight if you are hungry all the time and eat lettuce leaves that they can't believe SW really works. On a sunday I will usually have bacon and an egg, and beans and my OH will look over and say wow that's some breakfast, and I just roll my eyes. I did take some getting used to when I started sw myself LOL

The proof will be your weight loss hon, so just ignore them and don't let it bother you! :)


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well ive lost 6lb so far since i rejoined!! i pile my plate up and my OH is always like thought you were on a diet?? you shouldnt be eating that blah blah lol!! the know nothing
The main thing is that you know that you are doing it right Hun and still loosing weight as well!!!
I'd just turn round and go 'yeah I know - diet starts tomorrow' and fade away in front of their very eyes ;)


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Lol ye,, what i dont understand is the ones who do weight watchers in my office and eat fish with batter but i dont say out!! numptys lol
What you should do is say 'Oh, can't be bothered with it', but then watch as they turn green with envy as you still keep losing! ha ha to them!
I get this from my MIL every time she comes for dinner! I purposely eat more than I normally would out of badness!
My mother just sabotages mine :mad: instead of the pub on friday she told everyone they were having fish n chips :mad: so I went hungry :cry:
I WILL not let her win! ;)
Ignore - they obviously dont know what they are talking about and you do - this happends to me in my office all the time but having now lost 4 stone they all have to shut up!!!
The worst is with men - even though I haven't officially 'started' SW yet, just looking through the magazines with DH last night, even tho he was supportive over agreeing to help me make things (cooking skills v limited!!) he just could not believe how much you can eat! When I used to SW at home years ago, with my mum, this was in the days when macaroni cheese was free and so were super noodles, we'd have a jacket each, macaroni cheese and chicken super noodles, sounds so strange but really yummy! Dad would not believe we were actually dieting at all, and he'd moan like anything about the smell of constant pasta n sauce! He'd then be speechless when we came home from weigh-ins saying how much we'd lost!

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