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my re-start; all advice & help appreciated!!


Hi, had to go off CD coz of financial difficulties then broke my toe & had to wait ANOTHER month :cry:before re-starting.....Anyway here I am, only one stone down from my original start:mad: & feeling hopeful of being 2-3 stone down by Christmas, anything more(less?;)) is a bonus.
I've heard second time around it can be hell, I'm drinking tons of water & got paracetamol at the ready:p, had first shake (hot choc with coffee added, yum!) & raring to go, though how I'll feel when I'm cooking dinner for my boys & then later for hubby is another matter!
So any advice or tips anyone?
ps just trying to alter my ticker UP, it will be DOWNHILL all the way now!! promise!
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Good luck with your re-start:D

Unfortunately the rumours about it being harder the second/third/fourth time round are true.

Keep drinking the water and I'm sure you will succeed. You certainly sound motivated enough.:)


Thanks for the advice, Lenny, how many times have you done it before? I did it about 18 years ago, TWICE, lol!! The flavours then were awful & I only managed a few days. I just hope the water does help, when I see my CDC I will get the flavourings for water so I can have it hot, it's too cold for cold water & warm, plain water makes me heave.

Lenny, how many times have you done it before?
I have had so many re-starts recently - lots of day 1's ha ha ha I keep falling off the wagon I'm afraid - my head is in totally the wrong place at the moment.:mad: But I will get there one day soon - I am moving through the stages because of my BMI so minimum of 790 for me.

I wish you all the very best and I will be keeping an eye on you:D
I'm on yet another restart although I've learned it's counter-productive to call them that. NEW start is probably a better term psychologically.
Yes, it's notoriously difficult doing it all again but (hopefully) not impossible. It's not easy re-achieving those heady first days when CD and its super-fast results was a novelty.

In a restarter's favour is:

*You've done it before so KNOW what to expect re headaches, hunger that goes etc
* You know the results are fast.
* You know some of the little 'tricks of the trade' that get you through.
* You know the pitfalls and (hopefully) how to avoid them.

What's against us is all in our heads. I was so depressed about basically 're-treading' the same damned path losing the same damned weight (having regained 4st) but once you get over the 're' bit and take it as a START and not a REstart then you can learn to adjust the thinking.

So what if I lost X amount last year and only had a couple of stones to lose to reach goal? That was last year - this is now. I have six stones to lose ... not 2 stones plus 4.

Anyway, good luck on your NEW start.:)

I returned to CD and am in my 7th week. I was last on it about 20 years ago and lost 4 stone in 3 months on it. I only ever ate the beef soup in those days flavoured with spices to make it more tasty. It all seemed really easy back then - I felt on top of the world the whole time I was on it, was never hungry, cold or tired. I cheated my way through by eating about 6 (yes really) packets of fruit gums every day and still lost the weight. I can't remember doing the water thing back then either - maybe I've just forgotten or maybe I cheated on that too. LOL

This time I'm doing okay and have lost nearly two stones but it is different this time. I've got used to it now but I am often cold and hungry. I've suddenly realised I'm no longer totally exhausted but I have been for 6 weeks and I hate having to drink so much water. I just hate the taste (or lack of taste) of water, although I can tolerate it with the additive. I have it hot too - although icemoose's post shows that you burn off more calories drinking it cold. I've not cheated at all this time yet, although I don't find it hard, it certainly isn't as good an experience as last time round.

I'll stick it out though - saves the quandry of what to buy when you're in the supermarket.


Sweetpea, yuk, don't know how you stuck the old one out, I lived on chocolate ones, soups were VILE!! I have a hubby & two young boys so I get the joy of buying it, cooking & dishing up without eating it!xxxx
Russiandoll I've seen your pics you've done FAB! Yes a NEW START sounds MUCH better! Well I'm doing my best, just thinking about water is sending me to the loo, lol I don't know if knowing what to expect is better or worse than not knowing about the pitfalls of CD, lol thanks anyway though.xxxxx


Well I weighed myself today & I'm DOWN 4lbs already!!!! I know totm is due anyday now but heck!!!! It certainly will keep me on the straight & narrow today!!!! I KNOW you're not supposed to look at the scales but it really helps me to stay with it for the first few difficult days. How is everyone else doing?
That's fantastic Sharon! Like you, I can't resist a peek at the scales and provided you can take the inevitable fluctuations on the chin then all will be fine.
This is just the motivation you need to keep plugging away :)

I'm in week three of my 'new' start and lost a stone in my first two weeks. No looking back - only forward!! :D


OOh Russian Doll, WOWEEE I bet that made the wind (or is it just me who gets it?) empty tummy pains, headaches etc..etc..ALL WORTHWHILE!!! I'm so pleased for you!xxxxx

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