My second time to shed the pounds on Lipotrim

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by GiveItAgo, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. GiveItAgo

    GiveItAgo Full Member

    Its time to give Lipotrim TFR a second go. I did it in September 2012 for 12 weeks and lost 38lb and felt amazing. The complements of people was great and feeling positive in myself for the first time in years was exciting. I am a male aged 30. I soon found myself after coming of TFR falling back into my old eating habits and have put all the weight I lost back on. I used to view the forum but didn't post much. This time I think I will need the support of others members so have decided to post this message.

    I promised myself in December that after the new year I would start back. I started back last Saturday and have been doing well, Sunday was a nightmare, all I could think about was food all day no matter what I was doing.

    I woke up yesterday morning with the feeling that I did this once I can do it again, I looked at my week by week pictures of my original weight loss and said I want that feeling back.

    Hopefully with my will power and support of the LT community I can get there. I plan to do a sporting event in March that I can focus on as part of my journey.

    Have a good day everyone.
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  3. roxi

    roxi Full Member

    WOW well done you ... 38lbs in 12 weeks. You know you can do it again then. Likewise I have been in a similar position and am starting again on Monday. I'm determined to do it this time. A very long way to go as I have 100lb to lose but you know what it's up to me! I want to be able to go clothes shopping for things I would like to wear not cover ups. I want to go on holiday and lounge around by the pool. Hell I want to go on a helicopter ride (yes really) but am too fat! How different my life would be if I wasn't fat. Well here goes. WE CAN DO IT ?
  4. GiveItAgo

    GiveItAgo Full Member

    Hi Roxi, I hope all goes well for you on your journey to loosing the weight. I am sure if you stick to the plan the weight will drop off you. I hope your first week goes well, the support on the forum is great.

    I had my weight in on Saturday and lost 9.7lb so I am happy with that. I got my first complement in work today that I had lost weight.

    Last Thursday was a nightmare when I was craving food. I went and bought Kitostix to see if I was in Ketosis and I was that was a reassurance and determination to stick with the plan.

    I am starting to get the feel good factor back and that was the second best thing the last time I felt other than loosing the weight.
  5. roxi

    roxi Full Member

    Wow 9.7lb that's amazing. Well done you. Those compliments mean the world and I'm sure you've had the first of many. I can't wait for that feel good factor so that I have the confidence to get back to the gym. I'm quite excited about this year as I'm determined that this is the year I'm going to take control! I have a week of lipotrim but its hard to get to the nearest chemist for the weekly weigh in etc so I'm thinking of changing to Exante or slim and save as they seem to be internet based which is much more convenient for me.
  6. JamesG

    JamesG Full Member

    Welcome back and good luck, I hope I can be as successful as you!
  7. GiveItAgo

    GiveItAgo Full Member

    James I'm loving the goals in your signature. Breaking it done into short periods I find works best.

    I have cold & flu at the moment and I don't want to break ketosis by taking medication. If I get past this I will see it as a big achievement.

    The willpower and seen the ketostix a lavender color is saying me from straying away from the plan.

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