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My Sisters Wedding Slim Down

Hi All,

My sister’s wedding is at the beginning of September and I really need to shift 1 stone before the big day!!! :love047:

I’m trying to do the slimming world diet but I’m failing miserably! Worst part- my sister is doing it and she is doing brilliantly!

My problem is I love anything that is bad for me! Plus I’m more of an eat now- count later kind of person! :break_diet:This is why I’ve signed up to the site! I really need people to help me out and weigh in with me every couple of weeks!

Aslo give me advise on how to work this site- like how do you get that weight thing that shows you how much you’ve lost and get to target that some people have?!?!

I work really strange hours so I can’t make it to any slimming world groups and I just don’t have any extra cash to pay for their online support!

Any help anyone can give me would be great!!! Look forward to hearing from you! xxxx
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Ha I did it!!!!!!

I forgot my lunch today does anyone know If I can eat sushi on the slimming world diet??????? Does it have any syns etc???
Diet starts again today:

Lunch :

3 Eggs- 0 Syns
1 teaspoon of Hellmans Light Mayo- 2 Syns
2 x Morrisons Cracked Crispbread- 2.5 Syns Each (according to someone on here)
1 x Lowfat Natural Yogurt- 0 Syns

Total Syns: 7 Syns
Been rubbish at keeping my diary so I’ve made sure not to have ANY syns over bank holiday apart from wine on Friday eve and a handful of salted popcorn! my one true weakness!!!! arrrgh I cant believe I even stopped after one handful!

Went on wii fit last week for 30 mins and been walking instead of using the car but not as much as I would have like to :-(

1 x Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge Cereal Bar- Health Extra B- FREE

Lunch -
Iceberg lettuce- FREE
Cucumber- FREE
2 boiled eggs- FREE
Balsamic Italian Dressing- 2 teapsoons- 2 Syns
1 x Muller Light Yogurt- FREE

Quorn Bolognaise- FREE
Wholemeal Spaghetti- FREE

1 x Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge Cereal Bar- second of the day so no longer health extra- 3 Syns



I forgot my lunch at work today but luckily I cleverly packed some mugshots in my drawer for such and occasion

1 x Mug shot- Tomato and Herb Sachet- Free on Green Day

What to have for dinner tonight though?!?! Any ideas to help me anyone?


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Hey Suzy

You can have 2x Alpen light bars as a healthy extra! :p
Seems like your doing really well and the walking instead of driving has got to be good.
Thanks Nellylou! Im actually loving this diet! although I have a hen do tomorrow which i paid over £100 3 months ago which includes an all you can eat Chinese buffet! luckily Ive printed off all the syns but its gonna be hard to resist! wish me luck!!!!

WEIGH IN: 2lbs lost ;-) xx
uh oh! what a bad weekend! Im writing it off an starting fresh this week

Mug Shot- Noodles Sweet and Sour- 0 Syns

Pasta and Spicy Veg with few chucks of chicken- 0syns?

TOTAL: 0 Syns

No snacks yesterday


2 x Crisbread (Healthy Option B)- 0 Syns
Quark Cheese spread on top- anyone know how many syns if any this is? I dont have anything else to put on them money is very tight this month and my fridge is getting bare :-(


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Hi Suzy,
Im also doing Slimming World diet and would like to lose at least 3 stone in the next few months. Like you im not going to meetings just doing on my own I brought the slimming world books of ebay to save on money. I've tried lots diets over the last year since I've had my daughter but none of them seem to work for long but slimming world is great I don't feel im on a diet and really enjoying the tasty foods, I still have a takeway at the weekends as a treat. My weight loss so far as been half stone. You seem to be doing really well you should be very proud x
Thanks Cas,
But ive not been very good past few days. Been feeling a bit low so I had a double decker on monday :-( and yesterday I got sent a crunchie in the post (at work a supplier sent it in) and I used the excuse "It would be rude not to" to justify eating it!

I feel awful for it too! having a bad fat week and im not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow :-(
0lbs lost- :-(

I guess the bonus is that I had a weekend drinking with a chinese buffet etc and I havent gained anything! This week im back on it properly and Im going to lose my half a stone if it kills me!!!!!!! lol x
Hey Suzy, dont be to hard on your self you had a good weekend and the way I look at it is at least you didnt gain which could have been possible after a good weekend :p I find that after a stay the same week if I work really hard i generally get a good loss the next weigh in.
I have just moved in to a new stone bracket as of weigh in this morning, so pleased! x
It’s nice to know that other people are losing on this diet etc and even struggling as I know I'm rubbish with some things! Sometimes I just eat it and then think- uh oh does that have syns lol! I'm much better at green days though because I adore pasta and rice etc and I don’t mind all the new quorn things I've been trying out! Filled the freezer up again so that helps. Anyone finding it a bit expensive? I know junk food is bad for you but you have to admit it is cheaper lol

2 Slices of Wholemeal Bread- Heb- Free
Tuna- Free? I'm on a green day? I'm a bit confused about what fish I can eat on which days etc- any advise welcomed lol

Batchelors Golden Rice (Golden) - Free
Quorn- Free (not decided what I'm having yet I have loads in the freezer for my green days lol)

Good luck everyone and thanks for the comments – it’s really encouraging and really appreciated! I'm determined to lose this week!
Thanks I'm doing ok! I checked my starter weight and my scales and found id lost an extra 2lbs! So im happier! I've only really been doing green days and my boyfriend is missing meat so I'm doing red days this week. Its so easy to do the diet with a full fridge! Just expensive lol! Feel free to join me on Thursdays for my own weigh in?! and share any recipe ideas etc? Congratulations Nelly as well you must be on a major high now?? xx
Today is a Green Day

Lunch: -
v Mug Shots- Tomato and Herb Pasta- 0 Syns

Dinner: -

v Blue Dragon Chow Mein is only 5.5 syns on both!
I found that on someone elses and I have a pack of this at home so for dinner tonight I'm going to have that (which I will half with my boyfriend so will only be 2.75 (3) syns lol)
v Stir Fry Veg- 0 Sysns
v Straight to Wok Noodles- 2 Syns

I have a Muller light in the fridge when I get home but I fancy some crisps! Walkers Ready Salted Crips = 7 Syns

So if I have all the above today my total Syns will be: 14.5 (But I counted the whole packet of sauce on that)

But if I decide to just give him the sauce and just have a teaspoon of soy sauce instead Il have had – 9 Syns today.

I wonder how I will be feeling later?!?! Lol
That’s It!!! I’ve fallen so far off the wagon it’s crushed me under the wheels! I’ve eaten 4 ÉCLAIRS!!!!!!!!!!! It’s someone at works birthday and they put them out next to me L no one is in and I've been able to smell them all day!!!! I'm GOING TO FAIL THIS DIET?!?!?!?!!?!? :’-(

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