My SlimFast/CalorieCounting Journey! Fat to Thin!

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by Roxy101, 17 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member

    Hi everyone :) just thought I would start a diary to keep my self on track and to record my weight ect. I have tried slimming world previously but I hardly lost anything so trying something new. I will try to weigh my self every day...

    Start weight 17th May 2014 08.50am - 14st 1lbs
    Goal weight - 9st

    So far...

    Breakfast - ready made strawberry shake
    Snack - heavenly chocolate delight bar

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  3. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member

    Lunch - vanilla powder shake

    The ready made shake is so much better than the powder one, the powder one goes all lumpy. Seem to be better drinking it through a straw!

    Not feeling hungry so far.. And on the plus side they taste not too bad :)
  4. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member

    A while after this I did start to feel hungry and ended up having my other 2 snacks (heavenly chocolate)

    This leaving me with my dinner to be the only thing I could eat for the rest of the day, I usually have this about 7.00pm, I decided I would have some other low calorie foods to keep myself happy until then...

    A chocolate shape yoghurt
    Half a babybel
    A packet of quavers

    I am also calorie counting on my fitness pal at the same time and I am still under my limit of 1,590 calories( my fitness pal says this is the amount I should eat in order to lose 2lbs a week) a day so I should be okay :)


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  5. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member


    Dinner - calorie amount - 518 calories

    100g salad
    Chilli potatoes
    Sweet chilli sauce

    One of my favourite things to eat :)
  6. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member

    Last night after dinner I did find it hard as this is the time I usually sit and just munch on rubbish...
    I did end up have another slim fast bar and ice cream in a oyster. ( I couldn't help it)

    That's actually good for me! I ended up going over 259 calories over my limit but it hasn't made much of a difference...

    18th May 2014 - weight at 9.44am - 14st 0lbs

    Yesterday's bmi was 32.76 and today's is 32.69


    I know the title is slim fast diary, and it is slim fast I am mainly doing.. But I am not going to starve myself by only having the limited amount that slim fast says you have to have. That's why I am calorie counting at the same time, so that even when iv had my 2 shakes, 3 snacks and 1 meal I know I can have some more food and lose some weight :)

    Also I am sometimes substituting the breakfast shake with a weetabix on the go shake witch is only 226 cals so actually lower cals than a slim fast shake.

    Today's diary

    Breakfast - weetabix on the go vanilla

  7. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member

    Snack- heavenly chocolate delight

    Lunch- ready made vanilla shake

    Snack- heavenly chocolate delight

    In love with those snack bars! Doing well so far!
  8. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member

    My 'pre' dinners snacks are:

    Hazelnut and chocolate shape yoghurt
    Slice of wholemeal bread(400g) loaf with chocolate Philadelphia.

    This is making me realise that I may be a chocolate addict haha! Everything even although low fat it is chocolate...

    Forgot to log my exersice over the past two days - I haven't been 'exercising' but I have been doing a massive clean if my house for two days and running around after my little boy so not much time anything else.

    I really couldn't do slim fast properly! But I am trying...

  9. Nickybow86

    Nickybow86 New Member

    Well done :) keep it up I'm starting tomorrow morning :) fingers crossed
  10. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    It is surprising how nice everything tastes isn't it :) I was fully expecting it all to be vile!

    Well done so far hun :)
  11. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Watching your diary xx all the best =)

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  12. Keldelacoe

    Keldelacoe Vintage Virgin Vegan

    Good luck look forward to your updates
  13. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Full Member

    Thanks everyone! :) I will start posting properly again tomorrow, just been so busy the last couple of days. So not been very good at sticking to the diet! Oh well... Just need to start again tomorrow no point in dwelling on what has already been done or should I say ate haha


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