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my story, whats yours?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by mammyof4, 19 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Active Member

    Hi all,
    Well im 33 & I have 4 kids. I've been battling with my weight from I was a kid. I have been at all ends of the scale, my heaviest I was 86kg & at my lightest I was 53kg. I have tried a few diets but mostly tried to always do my own thing, cut down on portion sizes, do exercise etc. This is my 2nd time doing lipotrim, my 1st time I only lasted 12 days. I really hope I can stick it out this time. I have a holiday coming up soon & I really dont want to be feeling insecure, paranoid & not enjoy it. This diet gets a bad rep from alot of sites & just from people in general but, this is my last resort because I have managed to put on ALOT of weight trying & failing at other diets, oh yea I have went great for a few weeks, but I start slipping & bang, im back at my old habbits of binge eating & before I know it im 4-5 kgs heavier than I was when I started. So if I know I cant put food in then, hopefully, im gonna stick at it & retrain my brain. Sorry I know this has been long winded but I guess im just putting my story out there just to know im not alone & actually alot of people find themselves in the same or similar position.

    Many thanks for reading.
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  3. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Well-Known Member

    Hello Mammy of 4. I'm a mammy of 2 and about to hit the big 4-0! I'm relatively tall and strong, so I feel that I carry weigh well (as well as anyone can!) but since my 20s I've struggled to keep it within a normal BMI. My main problem is gluttony. I love food. I'm not ashamed to say it - I love food, in particular, sweets cakes crisps and chocolates. I love it at night when the kids are asleep and my DH is out and I can really pig out on my own...full tubes of pringles, family bags of minstrels, mr kipling cakes etc haha - its dreadful really. About 4 -5 years ago I spent a summer on slimming world and lost 2.5 stone and entered the 'normal' BMI range. But then I got bored, and my lifestyle meant that I put it on eventually. So my BFF has persuaded me to do TFR and I'm halfway through my 4th week. Its been OK - I've lots 23lb so far and there's plenty more to go before I feel good but the compliments are coming in thick and fast. Today someone called me a skinny minny - hilarious really when my BMI is 29.5! My BFF happens to be my boss and she has told me that if I can stick with it, she'll take me to Boston (USA) on a business trip with her. Sounds good eh? So I'm quite motivated.
    As for long term....? Well who knows. I guess one day at a time is my plan right now.
  4. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Well-Known Member

    Hi mammy of 4,

    I'm 36 with 3 kids with the youngest being 4 months. I understand what you mean about battling with your weight from a kid, I too have struggled. This is the second time for me also on lipotrim but I did do well the last time. I had a holiday booked with my new partner and was determined he would not see me in a bikini at 13st 13, so I decided lipotrim was the answer...and it was. I went from 13st 13 to 9st 9 in 12 weeks, so it does work and YOU can do it. It is hard but the results are amazing :). Keep at it.

    I did put on the weight again with pregnancy and now weigh 13st 9, so I'm starting lipotrim on Monday and hope the results are just as good as the last time.

    Good luck
  5. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Active Member

    Ah its fantastic to hear from both of you & just feel like your not alone. You both have such great determination & I hope you both have fantastic results with lipotrim. I must admit I do find it hard, mentally. Im not hungry, just making the kids toast makes me wanna give in. I know I have to do it though, it makes me so unhappy & in return my family suffer, & thats not fair. I have wrote down a list & put it on my fridge of how I feel when I over eat, stand on scales etc just for a little motivation. Thanks for both replying & keep me updated with your journey. I have my 1st weigh in tomorrow & im excited! bit more motivation seeing the results. X
  6. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Well-Known Member

    good luck tm with your weigh in, let me know how you go. I have put a pic of me on my fridge to remind me what I want
  7. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Active Member

    Will do. Yea thats a great idea, think I might steal it lol
  8. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Active Member

    Feeling very disappointed, only 4 & half lbs off I know its a loss & I know I should be glad its going the right way but I honestly expected more. I look at so many peoples 1st weigh in & even my own 1st time doing lipotrim & it was alot more. Hubby is being very supportive, thankfully, so hopefully get me through this week.x
  9. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Well-Known Member

    Do not be disappointed! Could be time of the month or the heat, next week itll be more! I lost 4.5 one week and 7 the next. 4lb is quarter of a stone so actually not bad at all...do not give in, do not eat to compensate, do not allow your cravings/body to be in charge of your weight loss. YOU will get it off and it will take time, stick with it!
  10. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Active Member

    Thank you Tequila. Yea it is my time of month & its a week early, thought it must be the shock to my system of doing this diet. You must know exactly whats going through my mind coz I have SO wanted to just eat something. This forum really is my savour. I know my hubby is supportive but he just doesn't really know how it feels to do this & when I see him go to the cupboard for a wee nibble with a cup of tea, I honestly could strangle him lol. This prob gonna sound silly, could I be drinking too much water?
    Last edited: 21 May 2014

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