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My SW Journey!

Hi everyone!

Im new to this forum though iv had a great time browsing it and thought "why the hell not get on it myself!" so thats what iv done.

Here is my journey so far.....after a failed attempt late last year iv joined again!:D So far this time iv lost 9lb, im happy with this considering in the 6wks iv been a member again iv had 2 gains of 2.5lbs (these were expected!)

I have WI on Mondays and get really nervous but strangely excited at the same time :eek:.

I mainly stick to the green plan and try not to exceed 5 syns a day.

I also only set myself small targets my current one is 1lb so im at my 10lb mark and after that il probably aim for 7lbs.I havent set myself a PAT yet.

This week has been really good for me though i went out saturday night and drank ALOT....vodka and diet coke so could have been worse....my partner steered me away from the cocktails ;).

Iv been struggling abit to today though, im not at work you see and love routine! Its not that im eating rubbish (theres none in the house, which helps!) its just that im not hungry but I know that I need to eat. Heres what I have had;

Supernoodles-:eek: ate half of them, im not a fan of this type of food but "food for fuel" and all that.

Mugshot-:eek: same as above...urghhh

After this I had a banana and some blackberries and a ML yoghurt.

THEN I baked a couple of small potatos and put 2 Dairylee light (i dont like these either:eek:!) in them heA with a bit more light cheese heA, with this i had salad cream 1.5syns and mayo .5syns. I hate eating food like this but im just being lazy and i know that its in plan but i feel like iv been eating crap!

Oh god I hate waiting for WI!

Look forward to hearing back from some of you fellow SW followers!
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Firstly, welcome along to this forum and SW!

Why are you eating food which you don't like?? SW has such a massive variety of food which you can eat, there must be something to tickle your fancy.... If you don't like dairylea light then don't have them, have cheese or cottage cheese (free) or tuna or chilli.

Although things like supernoodles and mugshots are in plan, try to cook yourself some meals, don't rely on them. My consultant last week said it's best to cook some pasta, add some tinned toms and veg with some tuna or bacon and it works out cheaper, no additives and probably better for you than supernoodles.

As for syns, don't restrict yourself too much at this stage - I would say 5 syns is too little, you should be aiming more in the 10-15 range. This gives you a bit of room to cut down when you are struggling.

What are you having for B choices? How about eggs or beans on toast? Or a sandwich?

Hope this helps a bit!
Jaylou xx


Trying again!!!
Hi Katherine and welcome to the forum. Well done on your loss so far and good luck with your WI to-day. I must say I'm a bit like you with the supernoodles/mugshots etc but I guess they are grand (and free) for a quick fix! I used to eat a lot of them when I started SW but not so much now, not keen on processed food tbh. Would rather have something nicer. Looking forward to hearing how you get on at WI xx
Thank for replying so quickly! its great.

Thanks for the advice about the syns jaylou...if your not already a consultant then you should be!

I honestly normally always cook from scratch but i thought i was missing out on something with these dried foods! definatly not! they make me feel quite sick tbh :confused:

Today im having my heBs with dinner. Im going to have steak, spicy veg and rice with pineapple,yum! probably have some sourcream too to make up syns.

I hope every one else is having a good day :)

p.s.....only 1hour 45minutes till weigh in :eek:
Yey! 1lb off! :D That means iv met my 1st target! AND this weeks weight loss was after a heavy night on the vodka saturday :cool:

This week is going to be a good one, my partner and I have made a pact not to drink for a few weeks so I wont have that as a temptation and the whole weeks meals are planned so no problem there either :p

Im just wondering when people will start noticing??? a few people have but im sure they are only saying it to make me feel better.....my partner is great and really suppotive but wont comment on my weight loss as we live together and see each other everyday and he says its hard to notice things like that!charming!lol. At least he is being truthful though because if he did tell me he thought i was loosing then that would annoy me too because i would know he is lying! like i said before...im hard to please :rolleyes: he could just humour me though!

Katherine xxx


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Hi Katherine,

Well done on your loss so far, you are setting realistic targets, and I'm sure you will reach them with no problems.

Good luck x
Good day today! Feeling really positive, I hope all you are too :p

Breakfast-Banana and ML yoghurt
Lunch-Potato wedges and baked beans then fruit salad (mango, pineapple and blackberries)
Snack-Half a packet of snack a jacks (2syns) and ML yoghurt
Dinner-2 jacket potatos, rocket salad with beetroot, apple and grapes. Then as a filling I had chicken heB and bacon heB, cheese heAx2 and a sml tin of sweetcorn with mayo (2syns) and bbq sauce (1syn)

Lovely! im stuffed now though:D

Iv got an appointment at a bridal shop tomorrow to try a dress on, im abit nervous and slightly dreading it to be honest.Oh well, im sure I will get over it and it wont be that bad:(

Katherine xxx
3lbs off this week! So pleased with myself, I had a really good week and im glad a had a good loss...heres to another good week!:p

So now im 13lb down altogether and feeling great about it though im not quite sure that my mind is there yet????

Does anyone else get diet advice from people?? It really annoys me!

Anyway, heres what iv eaten so far, not much by my normal standards but I woke up late so didnt really have time for a decent breakfast (slapped wrist!:eek:) I can tell you though, it had really affected me today and by 11:30 I actually felt quite sick.
Breakfast-Apple and banana
Lunch-ML yoghurt, Half tin of beans, Ryvita minis (HeB) and 3 Dairylea light (HeA)
Snack-Melon and grapes

And for dinner im going to have- Omlette, with onions, mushrooms, peppers and cheese (HeA) SW potato wedges and peas and sweetcorn and then maybe an orange or kiwi after, not sure yet!

Good luck everyone else with your week!

Katherine xxx


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Hey there and congrats on your fab loss!!!
I too hate getting diet advice from people!! One of the most annoying was when they'd say that I couldn't possibly eat so much and still lose weight and that I should think about cutting down!!! LOL!!! Loved seeing their faces hit the floor when I say I've lost four stone eating this much so why would I cut down now?!!! LOLOL!!!!

Sorry.... rambling!!! Lol!!! Keep up the good work xx
Haha, I love it when that happens!
A women I work with had the cheek to ask me if I could "possibly eat ALL THAT!" during lunch one day "ALL THAT!" consisted of a passion fruit, a few strawberries and blueberries and a ML yoghurt (thats not alot at all by my standards...which is why I had had a big bowl of pasta before!) Seriously though....the cheek of it AND then she had the ordasity to tell me she was "absolutly stuffed" after a philidelphia slendips and a pear. Well I dont know who she was trying to fool but it didnt work on me! Rant over...for now,lol

Good day today, feeling happy though iv not done any exercise. Nevermind il definalty do some tomorrow and besides I had a good workout yesterday.

Katherine xxx


S: 16st3lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 4st3lb(25.99%)
Stuffed on splendips and a pear?????? That wouldn't even amount to a light snack for me!!!! LOL!!!!

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