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My Sweet Progress from my Fruit Supplement

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Hi sorry if I sound silly but what exactly are these supplements you are taking? Where did u order Them? And have you lost any weight? Sounds good! Please give me more information thanks and good luck with your journey!! Xxx
Hi Naz. I use ACAI SLIM weight loss pill. It can be ordered online. It's made up of Brazilian berries. I take two per day. My appetite hasn't been the same since I started taking it. I already lost about 50 lbs since May.
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Hi Naz, did you try to google the product?

But anyway, we have different programs here, whatever works for you, go and continue.
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Last Sunday, my friends came over for a little drinking. I prepared quick fry finger food for them. Of course, I had my share too. I think I've taken to much oil and carb in one night. I am so depressed right now because I don't know how I could shed them off. I'm not really feeling well and I don't think I can do jogging or even walking. I don't want to do WI this week. :(:confused::confused::confused:
How does this Acai Slim work?

I don’t mean to sound rude but Acai Berry products are the number 1 scam products on Google so I certainty will not be reading any reviews.

Your loss of 50 lbs since May with this product seems a bit crazy, is this the new wonder pill that will see me lose over 10 lbs a month? I very much doubt it and I would like to advise anyone reading this not be fooled by such products.

My new diet is making me grumpy, maybe a short walk will help.
Hi Tim. I am aware of the scams online. But i think I'm lucky that the site we are ordering from isn't a scam. We were never charged without an order being placed by us. I respect your opinion and of course, I couldn't blame you for saying such because it's a fact that online scams are everywhere. However, these AcaiSlim pills that I'm taking right now does work for me. We all have different diet programs and I respect each. I wish every body all the best in their journey as they all inspire me and supporting them is my only way to give back.
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I had my weigh in yesterday, for almost three weeks my weight loss is just 5 lbs. I still am very happy with the few pounds loss. I tried to measure myself and cm's have been shed off already. I feel blessed. :)
Okay, so let me update my tracker. I had my weigh in today, and to my surprise I still lost 2 lbs for this week. I was expecting a ZERO loss because my aunt hasn't stopped cooking meals for us. She's here for a vacation. Everyday, our meal is like a feast! :):):) But I'm glad I was able to control myself in pigging out. :p
I lost a couple of lbs the last time I weigh in. I'm really feeling lucky :D And I believe, my hard work is really paying off. I just hope I get to my December goal. ;);)
Can I use the acai berry tablets from Holland and Barret for this?
Hi. I'm not sure about this brand. I use a different one, it's acaislim. Thanks!
I wasn't able to do my WI last week because I was busy prepping up for the Halloween parties that I am organizing (for friends, families and friends of families :D) But anyway, I've been working so hard to get a big loss. Even though I was swamped with work, i still make sure that I find time to do my little routines. Well, I guess, my sweat was good enough, it was a 5LB loss for me.:D:D Hooray! There were parties left and right, food anywhere but I still made it! Currently, i'm on 171 scale. :family2::family2:
Had my weigh in today right before breakfast. From 171 last week, i'm now on 170 flat! :D:D I was able to work out this week end with a friend. I will try to do it more regularly for faster weight loss. ;)
Lost 4 lbs this week. I was busy these past few days fixing our home's decor for the coming season. I think, it helped a lot in my loss. :D I was the one personally putting all the garland around the house, all those lights and some stuff at our lawn. :p
It's another 4lb loss for me this week. I got sick for two days. I wasn't really able to do some work out but still continued taking my pills. Water therapy helped me get well. :p
Okay, so here I am again, updating my tracker. Well, last Saturday, I did my weekly weigh in. I was surprised to see that I, again, lost few pounds. Didn't actually expect too much weight loss because I had so much carbs in the past few days. But hey, I think my regular work out, AcaiSlim and Liproxenol is really helping me. I guess, i'm already used to not eating too much. I still eat, of course, I don't skip meals. I even take in-between snacks. But my pills helped me control my cravings and makes me get full easily. What I like most about it is that I'm not depriving myself with good food. These are one of the best things in life, right? So why let it pass? Well for the past week, I lost 2lbs.
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It's been a week of hard work for me. I wanted to be at goal soon. But I guess I still have a long way to go. I'm happy still, that I'm on the right track. This week, I lost 3 lbs with AcaiSlim and Liproxenol. I did my homework, of course. Walking, work out and balanced diet. :p
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Thanks Linzlinz. It's really the most difficult time of the year to lose weight. Parties are every where. But I try not to lose focus. ;) Besides, I'm doing this for my health too. :) How's your journey so far?

I did my weigh in this week and was surprised to see a 2lb loss again. I'm really happy that even though I get to eat what I want, I still manage to lose weight:D Maybe because, I eat in small portions plus of course my AcaiSlim pills combined with Liproxenol pills. I easily get full and what's best about it is that I know that my body is always being cleansed. :D
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